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Alice Greenfingers 2 Cheats

Alice Greenfingers 2

Basic Tips:
Submitted by: Muhammad kashif

* Try not to feel stressed in picking up all the crops when they are ready for 
  harvest. The crops will never go bad and you can pick them up on your own pace.
  Water is a necessity when they are growing; if you don't give them ample water 
  they will die. 

* After you successfully grow your first crop, visit the market and put it up for
  sale. At this time, you can set the price as high as you want and the customer 
  will buy it. As soon as your crop is sold, visit the shop. The two most important
  upgrades to buy first are the five box stacker and the water jug upgrade. 

* When time is running out and the day is about to end, immediately harvest some 
  crops. You then need to visit the market and sell them. Doing this each day will
   allow you to gain more profits. 

* Try not to plant crops in a continuous line. Allow spacing after a line of four 
  or five crops. Then when you unlocked the sprinkler upgrade, you can properly 
  place it between the rows. 

* Paying attention to the demand level of the crops is another important aspect of
  the game. You will need to adjust your pricing based on the demand levels at a 
  certain time. Here are some pricing guidelines to follow during different demand

Extremely low : $2
Very low      : $3-4
Low           : $4-5
Below average : $5
Average       : $6-7
Above average : $8-9
High          : $10-11
Very high     : $12-13
Extremely high: $14-15

* When you adjust your pricing and begin to start selling your crops, you can continue
  harvesting. The crops will continue to sell in the background and it will save valuable
  time for the day. 

* In the later stages, try to put as many cows as possible in a fenced area. Cows produce
  a bottle of milk in around two minutes. The game will auto collect the milk for you. 
  If you have four cows, you will have thirty two bottles of milk per day. 

The highest grade in the game an "A+". In order to achieve this you have to max out all 
the meters (knowledge, wealth, popularity, and health) and acquire all the trophies. 
Here are the breakdowns of each meter: 

To improve your knowledge during the game, buy the store keepers items as soon as possible, 
have a good variety of flowers and crops, and buy as many books as possible throughout 
the game.

Every animal and crop should be on your farm. You need to continue to buy all new shop items 
and obtain all awards. Your cash on hand should be over $1000.

This meter is based on sales of the last ten days. You need to sell about twenty five boxes 
of crops for ten straight days. Popularity also depends on how you are noticed in Aliceville. 
Try donating money to charity when asked, and have articles written in the newspaper.

Although the health meter won't affect Alice's pace of work, it will affect the customers at 
the market. The customers will buy more crops if Alice is healthy. 

If the game is still driving you crazy, here are some cheat codes that will make the game 
easier. Simply type these codes at any time during the course of the game:

Code          Result
Goodtime    - Market demand will increase
Rain        - Plants no longer require water
Greenfinger - Plants grow very fast
Fund        - Gives you $100 each time you enter this code
Shopper     - All items will be unlocked in the shop

To deactivate cheat codes "rain" and "greenfinger," simply retype the code. 
The rain cheat code will wear off around three days

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Enter one of the following codes during game play to activate the cheat function.

Code            Result
SILVERANDGOLD - Give a little cash.
PROSPER       - Crops grow faster.
LETITRAIN     - Water all plants instantly.
WINE          - Activate dizzy mode (does not work on some versions).
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