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Alek - The Lost Kingdom Cheats

Alek - The Lost Kingdom

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Survival Mode Tips:
Written by Zatio

When i first started playing this game i got crushed by the orcs pretty 
hard, i struggled to figure out how to do things despite there being a 
tutorial. How to get wood was not very clear but i figured things out 
over time thanks to having played other survival games. I hope these 
tips will make life easier for you in this game.

-=Tips to Survive=-
When you first start out in this game you will notice a wolf is attacking 
you, since you got no gear at all you have to run. I am assuming you got 
tutorial on so it should be telling you to gather resources, its not 
obvious right away how to get wood but if you open up the inventory and 
go to crafting you will notice that you can craft resources into wood etc. 
While doing that make sure to explore the map.

If you follow the tutorial you will end up in a npc town, here you can 
sell resources and gear and do quests. You need a good ammount of money 
before buying any land to build on, depending on where you plan to settle 
down you may need allot of money.

If you did the quest destroy orc village three times you should have some 
decent loot and money but if you are having a hard time dealing with the 
orcs there are a couple things you can do. Get animals to attack them by 
having them follow you into the group of orcs, or you can use the bow to 
do hit and run attacks over and over again.I recommend doing the defense 
stat up to 15 before doing any of the other stats, it has helped me out 
allot.And if you dont mind you can also just go to the npc town with all 
of the orcs chasing after you to get them to kill each other instead.

Make sure to keep the two handed weapons you get from the orc boss, when 
you get your village started you can stash gear/money into the village at 
the main building on repair drop.On manage you can buy resources at the 
market to help speed things up but i recommend saving enough money to do 
a blacksmith and unlocking heavy armor and iron tools and then do barrack 
as soon as you can.

You only need a single soldier if you manage to get heavy armor at first, 
by the time of day five you should have enough soldiers and gear to deal 
with the orc attacks. Once you got soldiers and gear you should be fine, 
you can manage your soldiers via the barrack if you want them to use gear 
you choose for them or else they will auto pick what the game think is 
the best gear you got at the time.

Your village should not have burned down to the ground assuming you earned 
enough gold, got a village before day four and got a house built quickly, 
made a barrack and a blacksmith, unlocked heavy armor and stashed gear 
in your village for your soldiers.

Good luck, i hope this helped you stay alive in survival mode.
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