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Albatross 18 - Realms Of Pangya Cheats

Albatross 18 - Realms Of Pangya

Shot Trajectory:
Submitted by: Haspa

* During an approach shot, if the green's elevation is higher you should consider
  putting backspin on the ball. Backspin will provide arch to your shot, enabling 
  the ball to elevate to the desired height, plus the backspin accompanied with 
  the arch will decrease the chances of the ball rolling when landing.

* Putting top spin on the ball will give the ball a lower trajectory at a faster
  velocity and it will increase the length of the roll after landing although your
  total flying distance will be shortened.

* For the best results in reaching an elevated fairway or green, use backspin to
  increase your flying distance.

Preview character:
Hold the Right Mouse Button over your character in the waiting room and roll the
mouse up or down to zoom in or out. Hold the Left Mouse Button over your character 
in the waiting room and roll the mouse to rotate the view. Hold the Left Mouse 
Button + Right Mouse Button and click the Scroll Wheel when over your character 
or a caddie to see their animation. 

Papel the caddie:
Complete all tutorial steps. 

Additional power points:
Complete a full set of letters to advance to the following ranks and get another 
power point: Beginner, Junior, Senior, Amateur, Semi-Pro, Pro, National Pro.

Getting additional power points:
Complete a full set of letters and you will advance a rank and get another power 

* Beginner.
* Junior.
* Senior.
* Amateur.
* Semi-Pro.
* Pro.
* National Pro.
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