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AirStrike II - Gulf Thunder Cheats

AirStrike II - Gulf Thunder

Cheat Codes v2.54:
Update by: niki
Submitted by: Haspa

HINT from TNT:
If the game immediately drops back to your desktop when launched
through your Desktop/StartMenu shortcuts, then the installer made
you a bad link. Try changing the "Start in:" location of the 
shortcut from NOTHING to your installed game path. 

NOTE: ALL the Cheat Codes can be entered multiple times. 

Cheat Codes (case insensitive): 
diediediemydarling - Lose the Current Mission 
deadlineisnear W   - in the Current Mission 
glitteringprizes   - All Power-Ups: Enabled 
                     Grants 7 different Power-Ups with 99 ammo for each type 
                     (Can be used again to resupply you with 99 ammo)
                     (Only Enabled for the Current Mission) 
moremoreweapons    - All Missiles: Enabled 
                     Grants 5 different Missiles with 99 ammo for each type 
                     (Can be used again to resupply you with 99 ammo) 
                     (Only Enabled for the Current Mission) 
showmetheweapons   - All Weapons: Enabled 
                     Grants all 9 Main Weapons 
                     (Only Enabled for the Current Mission) 
igonnaliveforever  - All Lives: Enabled 
                     Should give you 10 Lives (the Maximum Number of Lives) 
                     (Can be used multiple times) 

invulnerability    - God Mode Toggle (on/off) 
                     First time enables, Second time disables 

1. Start the game. 
2. Get to the action! Cheat codes will not work within the Menu System. 
3. Enter your codes. Just type the word(s) of the Code you want to use and realize 
   that there is no need to hit the ENTER key at the end either. 
   The game will make a Sound and Display a Screen Message upon successfulentry of
   a Code. The game will know that you are cheating and Rank you as a Cheater after
   each mission.
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