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Airborne Kingdom Cheats

Airborne Kingdom

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

The Lost Tundra Challenge:
Written by By Oceanauta

This region is found in the northmost part of the map. The further north 
you go, the colder it gets. The cold level affects buildings' efficiency, 
speed and lift generated, until the city becomes unsustainable and begins 
to fall. The countermeasure is building Furnaces to heat nearby buildings 
and prevent the freezing of lift machines. The goal is Rescue ALL stranded 
inhabitants on the Lost Tundra.

There are two achievements tied to this region: 
* Savior in the Frost"
* "Hardened Savior"

* If you started your first game on Hard Mode, good! 
* Hardened Savior can only be achieved on Hard Mode with default Town Center.
* If not, then do it on New Game+.

The Furnace also counts toward 100% research completion.

Sacrifice some parts of your city, rebuild it, and adapt to every cold 
level change. The cold reaches a hard limit before the last settlements. 

As soon as your city can handle the maximum cold, the challenge is almost 

* Stockpile a lot of resources. Food, water, everything.
* Compact your city.
* Build Fans to compensate for the loss of lift.
* A couple of Fins can shorten the trip significantly.
* Charcoal Huts are essential. Build a couple more during the trip.
* Maintain everything stable, the only thing you can spend heavily is wood. 
  Wood can be gathered from frozen forests.
* Plan your trip to be the quickest possible, settlement to settlement.
* If things are going wrong, turn back a little and redo.

After rescuing all stranded inhabitants, return to the camp where you got the quest.

Glorious return!
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