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A.I.M.2 Clan Wars Cheats

A.I.M.2 Clan Wars

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Mechanoids 5 generations and their demands:
Written by  Dem0N?
Briefly about the location and requirements of mechanoids 5 generations

There are 12 fifth generation mechanoids except for the player. 
Their sectors and desires are below. Sectors marked in order of 
passing (my personal)

-=Desert Sector=-
ARIO - bring him 9 convinced mechanoids
INFERION - lower his rating to 2 It would be best to establish a base and 
           bring his mechanoid there, then you can quickly lower it
TARANTOG - buy glider Namtar sold in the High Sector

-=Hill Sector=-
GAANTRO - join if the clan has MONCEBER high-rise sector

-=Destroyed Sector=-
DARKNESS - asks to bring to any buildings of the destroyed sector
nickel - 100 pieces sold in Kholmy and Vysotny
titanium - 100 pieces sold in Desert and Highrise
multiorganic - 20 pieces sold in Desert and Tundra
P.S - Information on the location of resources is taken from here

-=Sector of the Arctic=-
FATALL - will join if your clan's rating is in 2 times higher than the 
archaean rating Personally, I got it by inserting the brain that arlings 
give along the Nautilus chain. He makes all mechs in your clan's sector

-=Tundra sector=-
VERCUS - bring 50 mushrooms in any building of his clan (Narguny) To bring 
everything together 50 mushrooms you need to take a glider on ->2500 load capacity
dying - bring 20 free mechanoids in the structure of his clan (Shemales)

-=Rock Sector=-
APROGUS - will join if in your clan 9 fifth generation mechanoids
ARHHAND - destroy the half fire clan better to do after capturing a sector. 
take a bearing on the rest and fly in to destroy (no need to convince)

-=High-rise sector=-
MONCEBER - will join if Hidden's rating becomes 50 or less here we do the same 
as with ARHHAND

-=Underground sector=-
LOARRAT - can only be obtained AFTER visiting the Super Obelisk in the Tundra 
Sector (without it, you can't get to the Underground Plant). About underground 
communications is best described here. There is also the fastest way to get to 
the fur.
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