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Agon - Lost Sword Of Toledo Cheats

Agon - Lost Sword Of Toledo

Submitted by: David K.

General Tips:
* This is an Adventure Game.
* Click on Options to adjust Audio, Video, Pan Speed, Subtitles and 
  Difficulty level.
* You move forward by clicking your left mouse when your cursor turns 
  into a large arrow.
* You turn by holding down the left mouse button down and panning up, 
  down, left or right.
* Under Extra Features, there is reading material on previous episodes 
  and general story enhancements to give you a more in-depth gaming 
* There are 8 save slots for you to save anywhere you like.
* All conversations are saved under the Files or F button in the upper 
* Your inventory can be accessed by pressing the Inventory or the I 
  button on the upper right.
* The game is not linear, and you may do things in a different order 
  than this walkthrough.
* The cursor will change to a gear when you can use an inventory item.
* The game is story driven and it is important to listen for clues in 
  your conversations.
* The conversations will also trigger new areas so it is of importance 
  to exhaust all conversation trees.
* You can end a conversation by clicking the esc key.
* Use the arrows on the inventory bar to scroll through the inventory.
* If an inventory item has a gear icon next to it, you can right-click 
  to get a close-up or disassemble it.
* Click on the Menu or the M button on the upper right to exit, save, 
  load a previous game or exit.
* The game wills autosave when you exit in addition to your saves.
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