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Agf Cheats


Cheat Codes:
To enter a cheat code, just type it into a new line (when playing
AGF) and press Return. The codes do not work in multiplayer mode,
only in single player  mode.
Secret Cheat Codes:  
AGFshot    - Removed.  
AGFshield  - Removed.  
AGFpower   - Removed.  
AGFsuicide - Immediately kills yourself.
Normal Codes: 
watch#  : Permanently focusses on another player, if you are dead. 
Replace the # with the position of the watched player in the 
playerlist to the upper left. Only works when you are dead (so do 
not press the space bar after the '.watch', just continue with a 
number). Can be activated by pressing the F11 key, too. 
.screen  : Will not draw any ships/background anymore. Just messages 
and the playerlist. You can only activate this code when playing a 
multiplayer game and are the game host. This is useful, if the host 
computer is too slow. If nothing is drawn anymore, there is more 
time to calculate the computer movements, resulting in a smoother 
movement of the computer ships at joining humans computers. 

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