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Age Of Pirates - Caribbean Tales Cheats

Age Of Pirates - Caribbean Tales

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Haspa

Enter one of the following ship names.

Result                       Name
God mode                   - GodMode
10,000 experience points   - ExpBooster
10,000 gold                - MoneyBooster
Best saber unlocked        - BestSaber
Best gun unlocked          - BestGun
Receive the best spy glass - BestGlass

Get any ship:
Use a text editor to edit the "characters_init.c" file in the directory:
"\playlogic\age of pirates - caribbean tales\program\characters".

 Change the line: 

 ch.Ship.Type = GenerateShip(Ship_name) 

Note: You must be careful because the game has the same line for the female player.
Scroll to find it. Also, to find ship names open the "ships_init.c" file with a text
editor. Scroll down and you will find a complete list with everything about the ships.

Hero reputation:
Use a text editor to edit the "characters.c" file in the directory: 
"\playlogic\age of pirates - caribbean tales\program\characters".

Change the value of "#define REPUTATION_MIN" line to "89". 
After doing so, do any job (bad or good). Your reputation will be as a hero.

Another way of doing this is to edit the "character_init.c" file in the same directory.
You will find lines such as "ch.reputation.france = REPUTATION_NEUTRAL;". 


After any task (good or bad ) you will be a hero for any nation. In the same file you 
can find all lines of money and experience, for example, "ch.experience = 1000;" 
and skills such as "ch.skill.Leadership = "1";". 
Change all skills to "10", and experience and money as desired. 

Note: You must change every line of money and experience in that file.

Hack - Character File:
This hack edits a critical game file. Back up your original or you get screwed. You 
will also need to have the folder options on Windows XP and Vista changed to allow 
you to edit the file extension. 

Locate the file Characters_init.* in the directory \...\\Program Files\Playlogic
\Age of Pirates - Caribbean Tales\PROGRAM\Characters\ and open it using the text
editor Notepad.exe or similar program. Note that if you do not allow your Windows
 O/S to change the extension, you may not be able to hack this file appropriately. 

In the characters_init.* file, locate the string = "268438777" along with 
some more values such as: 

ch.skill.Leadership = "1"; 
ch.skill.Fencing    = "1"; 
ch.skill.Gun        = "1"; 
ch.skill.Sailing    = "1"; 
ch.skill.Tactic     = "2"; 
ch.skill.Accuracy   = "1"; 
ch.skill.Cannons    = "1"; 
ch.skill.Grappling  = "1"; 
ch.skill.Repair     = "1"; 
ch.skill.Defence    = "1"; 
ch.skill.Commerce   = "1"; 
ch.skill.Sneak      = "1"; 
ch.skill.freeskill  = 2; 
ch.perks.freepoints = 1; 

You can change those skill values to whatever you want and play with the file from
there. When saving the file with Notepad, use the "save" not "save as" command and 
the file will be edited. Boot the game and have fun.
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