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Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition Cheats

Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

All Cheat Codes:
Written by CLAYDUCK

Complete and comprehensive list of cheat codes in Age of Empires 3: Definitive Edition!

-=How to Use a Cheat Code=-
In a singleplayer match, you may press enter and type in the code though chat. 
Unit codes spawn their special unit at your town center (or whatever you have your 
shipments being sent to).

tuck tuck tuck - Tommynator Monster Truck (Grants Achievement).
wee ooh wee ooh - Big Andy Monster Truck.
ding ding ding - Monster Ice Cream Truck (can create villagers).
mustard relish and burning oil - Flaming Hot Dog Cart.
ya gotta make do with what ya got - Capybara Launching Bombards.
where's that axe? - George Crushington.
o Canada 2005 - Canadian Lazerbear.
don't kick the pitbull - Learicorn.
we <3 fluffy!1! - Fluffy, the world's ugliest dog.
wuv woo vol.2 - Flying Purple Tapir with rainbow trail.

Give me liberty or give me coin - 10k Coin.
Medium Rare Please - 10k Food.
 - 10k Wood.
trade plz - 10k Export.
a whole lot of love - 10k of each resource listed above.
nova & orion - 10k EXP.
A recent study indicated that 100% of herdables are obese - Fattens all animals.

-=Game Settings/Skips=-
speed always wins - Increases gathering, building, training, researching, 
and shipment rates for all players.
X marks the spot - Reveals entire map (doesn't remove Fog of War).
sooo good - Shows unit killfeed hovertext.
this is too hard - Skip and instantly win a singleplayer mission.

Game Taunts:
Simply open up the chat (default key is enter) and enter the number of the taunt you want to use.

-=The List=-
* Yes.
* No.
* I need food.
* I need wood.
* I need coin.
* Do you have extra resources?
* I have extra food.
* I have extra wood.
* I have extra coin.
* Meet here.
* Are you ready?
* I need help!
* Attack now!
* Upgrade your trade route.
* Wololo
* I'm in your base, killing your dudes.
* Check in your wallet. That's me on the dollar bill.
* I belive that makes me your daddy.
* El-Oh-El, I am R-Oh-Tee-Eff-El. (Laugh out Loud, I am Rolling on the Floor Laughing.)
* Aren't you becoming quite the little problem.
* (Laughter)
* Tgis will give me cred, street cred!
* Hey, shut your pie hole!
* I'll take that trade.
* You sit on the computer all day! Youz hnow nothing of hard life!
* Really? Such a noob.
* Ask not for whom the timer ticks. It ticks for thee.
* (Alternative laughter)
* Check in your pocket. The quarter is me, too.
* Where is my mother?
* (Charge bugle call)
* Belive it, little boy!
* Zing!

Tips for New Players:
* Always training villagers to collect more resources.
* Never having excess resources(i.e training troops, researching upgrades, of course 
  you have to save up for advancing age but donít shy away from spending resources 
  on villagers).
* A good way to know youíre doing alright/better is the scoreboard thing in skirmish, 
  make sure you score is high, collect resources, train troops, research, treasure 
  hunts, trade post, killing/attacking ai.
* Learn the counters, Crossbow kills pikeman, pikeman, kills cavalry, cavalry kills 
  crossbow, this gets complicated with other troops in the mix, take your time to 
  learn about it.
* Map awareness, understand whats going on in the minimap.
* Find civilisations you like, for beginners the OG civis are what i would suggest 
  (e.g Spanish British, Dutch, Portuguese, French, German, Russian, Ottoman) try 
  them all out and find their unique cards and units and functions.
* Resources are important, in early game hunting animals> gathering from berry bushes, 
  so when i spawn in skirmish i usually train villagers -> build House (population) 
  -> Market (early research for resources (as an example)).
* For ai as long as you can counter their troops youíll be fine aka Micro management, 
  donít shy away from trying lower difficulties, practice is also important!
* For micro management in battles, use your crossbow to kill enemy pikeman, use your 
  pikeman to kill enemy hussar, use hussar to kill enemy crossbow or cannon, prioritise 
  cannons if possible because they will shred your units if youíre not too cautious.
* This is just an addition from my side coz i like Native Allies! They donít count 
  towards population count but they have a build limit, so use that to your advantage!
  extra troops if fully upgraded can deal strong blows towards enemy ranks!

The Haudenosaunee Tips:
The age 2 economy is very different. Itís all food/wood. You get coin only 
for a handful of techs (wood chopping) and age-up. If youíre looking to rush, 
New Ways (arsenal upgrades at your houses) and Town Destroyer (turns your chief 
into a wrecking ball) are really good. Take advantage of your travois for free 
buildings. Use them to make the expensive ones like farms (400w) and estates (600w) 
rather than longhouses.

If youíre going to turtle and boom, thereís no Bishop age 3 politician, so I typically 
grab the free TC. Oneida support gives you free villagers. I like to go up to Age 3 
with The Elder (3 travois to immediately get estates in.

Youíll find they have a very weak cavalry overall. Youíll need the Kanya horsemen 
for anti-skirmisher and anti-artillery, but I find the wood cost restrictive when 
you want that wood for buildings, siege, and tech. You get a baseline higher gather 
rate from all trees, so when you think about placing buildings, you also have to 
think about it taking nearly twice as long to clear out trees. Build around them. 
Thereís a card called Environmentalism thatís intended to give you very reliable 
long-term wood (~400% gather rate or something) but it comes with a huge cost of 
making your musket riders (dragoons) and forest prowlers (skirms) also cost wood 
instead of gold. If you have teammates, they will clear your trees robbing you of 
your bonus and you still get the penalty of having your entire army chained to wood. 
I donít use it in team games, but 1v1 treaty is what itís there for.

About the fire pit/communist plaza (I truly hate the name change), itís very powerful 
and you do want to make use of it. You have options to produce villagers faster (early 
game), revive your warchief if you lose him, boost your exp gains (mid-late game), 
spawn healers, boost your attack in combat, or boost your max population. You can 
get a card to boost your naval combat. You can get a maximum of 10 healers and when 
theyíre not healing, you want them on your fire pit. The card to give +35% 
effectiveness to them is quite strong. The end game is balanced around the assumption 
youíll have 25 units on it using the dance that boosts your population allowing you 
to field absolutely massive armies. However, when you attack, you want to switch it 
to boost your attack. While rebuilding, you may want to switch again to exp gain so 
you can get INF shipments faster if youíre using Covenant Chain, the INF resources 
card, Canadian Loyalists (dragoons), etc.

On siege, the rams are bit like flail elephants. Theyíre a nice concept, but theyíre 
single use and more vulnerable than they seem. They do the job, but by Age 4, youíd 
rather use field cannons. Use them to snipe key buildings (factories, etc). Mantlets 
are fantastic meat shields with ranged resist. Anything melee will kill them, but 
youíll keep infantry behind them for that. Send the Age 3 card that reduces the 
population requirement of your siege units by 1. Itís an essential card for late-game 
play, IMO. Field cannons are your all-around cannon: long range, work well for anti-
artillery as well as anti-building, though not as good against infantry and cavalry. 
But, they can fire and move, so I find them infinitely more useful than things like 
heavy cannon, lil bombards, etc.

As for the rest, youíll get a feel for it like all the other civs.

Oh, also, if youíre finding yourself short on food late game (treaty), consider 
building a farm just for cows, and use North American trade to get extra coin out 
of it while youíre harvesting the cows. They harvest at 2x the rate of your farms, 
so itís an effective way to juice a late game economy if youíre willing to send 2 
cards to do it.
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