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Age of Chivalry Cheats

Age of Chivalry

Steam achievements:
Submitted by: David K

Complete the following tasks to unlock the achievement. 
To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", then
"My profile", then "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

Unlockable            How to Unlock
A heavy burdon      - Kill a player with the stonetrap in Stoneshill.
A helping hand      - Assist in raising 100 flags.
All Within My Hands - Get 100 kills with the Fists.
Animal Abuser!      - Be mean to animals.
Assassin            - Kill 100 objective-carrying enemies.
BBQ Master          - Torch 5 players to death in one round.
Blast from the past - Destroy the sea wall at Invasion.
Blood Bank          - Take 500 damage in one life.
Blunt Instrument    - Kill 100 with your Warhammer.
Born for War        - Accumulate 1000 Kills.
Burning Ambition    - Complete an objective while in fire.
Can't Touch This    - Parry 1000 blows.
Char Broiled        - Kill someone with an oilpot.
Critical Hit        - Kill 50 Enemies through their parry.
Crossbow Twang      - 500 Kills with the crossbow.
Death from above    - Kill 1 player with the oilbarrels at Siege.
Defending Champion  - Absorb 500,000 damage with a shield.
Elbow Grease        - Push the cart on Dark Forest.
Escapist            - Steal the Crown at Monastery Hill.
Executioner         - Get 20 decapitations in one round.
Face-kebab          - Get a Headshot with the Ballista.
Father of Lies      - Apologize after killing a teammate.
First Blood         - Get the first kill in a round.
Five Star Arching   - Get 10 Headshots with the Bow in one game.
Flag Collector      - Capture 50 Flags.
Flash of the Blade  - Successfully parry, stab and slash in a fight.
Green is beautiful! - Stare at the Glow Worms in Invasion for 5 seconds!.
Harvester of Sorrow - Score 150 points or more on Sorrow.
Heads are Rollin'   - Decapitate a peasant in The Shore.
Heads on a Platter! - Save the Prince in The Siege.
Heads Together      - Decpitate 2 opponents with 1 swing.
Heaven Can Wait     - Kill 3 people while on the brink of death.
Hero of the Day     - Complete all objectives in a map.
Jack of All Blades  - Get 500 kills with each class.
Just a flesh wound! - Lose your head 100 times.
KABOOOM!            - Push the bomb cart in Helms Deep.
Knife in the Dark   - Slay 25 with throwing knives.
Legendary Champion  - Get 10,000 kills.
Legendary Defender  - Kill 500 Opponents while they are near, or completing, an objective.
Legendary Mercenary - Slay 1000 Agathians and 1000 Masons.
Lumberjack          - Kill 10 players with your hand axe.
Ninja               - Kill an opponent with your bare hands.
Olympian            - Hit an opponent with a Javelin from over 100 feet away.
On top of things!   - Raise 25 flags by yourself.
Robin Hood (Bronze) - Get 50 kills with the Longbow.
Robin Hood (Gold)   - Get 1000 kills with the Longbow.
Robin Hood (Silver) - Get 200 Kills with the Longbow.
Rotisserie Chef     - Decapitate an opponent that is on fire.
Royal Flush         - Kill 5 enemies without dying.
Secret: Booooooooo! - Toss some pumpkins in Tournament.
Seek and Destroy    - Headshot, Decap or Head Explodie the last person to kill you after dying.
Shoot Me Again      - Kill the same person twice in a row with the Longbow.
Siege Engine        - On The Siege, get 20 catapult kills in one round.
Siegemaster         - Achieve 50 catapult kills.
Sweet Spot          - Kill 200 players at full health with one blow.
Timber!!!           - Chop down the Tree in The Shore.
Tis but a scratch!  - Get decapped 50 times.
Trebuchet Away!     - Fire the Trebuchet in The Siege.
Tumbling Axes       - Slay 25 with throwing axes.
Turtler             - Make 7 successful parries in a row.
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