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Agarest: Generations Of War Zero Cheats

Agarest: Generations Of War Zero

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding character. 

* First Generation Heroines, Leonhardt, and Ellis
  Complete the first Event in Trizon Fortress and Generation 1 (Lucrellia). 

* Second Generation Heroines, and Ladius
  Complete Bethesda Fortress and 2nd Generation (Graccia). 

* Third Generation Heroines, and Thoma
  Complete the First Generation. 

* Fourth Generation Heroines, and Duran: 
  Complete Loger Forest(Gen2), and Generation 4 (Enhambre). 

* Rex and Dyshana: 
  Complete the Scarred Mountains(End of Gen2) and 5th Generation (Aegisthus). 

Unlimited Gold, TP, EP, etc.:
A lot of grinding is necessary to get decent gear and experience. The easiest way
to do it is as follows. Go into "Settings" and turn off "Show Movements" and "Show
Effects". Then, press Select PlayStation3 or Back Xbox 360 to turn on "Auto Battle".
You can select a battle slightly further back in the story line and let the AI do 
your grinding for you. The process is quick, and the AI is actually quite competent
in using group attacks and healing. As long as it is not too much of a challenge, 
you can ignore it and let the CPU do your grinding. It will even Overkill quite 
often, which provides bullions which can be converted at the blacksmith and sold
for a lot of gold.
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