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Aftercharge Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Win as Enforcers:
Written by Gatorfan
A quick guide on how to win as enforcers.

-=Choose Your Classes=-
One Striker

The Striker will be used to help locate the enemy and spam the air 
strike ability.

-=One Builder=-
The Builder will be used to construct energy walls around the extractor 
and recharge stations inside the walls.

-=One Liquidator=-
This last class can more or less be any of the three remaining classes, 
but I feel the Liquidator is the most appropriately suited for helping 
to defend the extractor. The Liquidator’s proximity mines will be built 
around the extractor, while also hunting down enemies with the remaining 
tracking abilities.

-=The Strategy=-
First, you will attempt to rush the forward extractors in an attempt to 
reveal the enemy. Proceed to hunt down the enemy until you manage to down 
one player. The players can be pushed by running into them, so use this 
to your advantage by moving the downed player towards one of the extractors. 
At this point, the Builder should be constructing walls around the extractor; 
the downed player will be used as a lure inside the walls in order to attract 
the remaining enemy players. The Liquidator should be setting up proximity 
mines around the barricaded extractor, and the Striker should be spamming 
the air strike ability within the area being the walls of the extractor. 
Upon the down of the second enemy player, move them within the walls of the 
barricaded extractor. All three Enforcers should remain close to the extractor 
so that: 1. The Striker will non-stop spam the barracaded extractor with air 
strikes, 2. The Builder will continuously reinforce the walls to prevent the 
remaining enemy from penetrating the barricaded extractor, and 3. 
The Liquidator can use their tracking ability to hunt down the remaining 
enemy player. To prevent the remaining enemy player from reviving the two 
downed players within the barricades, the Striker and Liquidator should 
pursue a somewhat offensive strategy, shooting and lobbing grenades into 
possible routes that the remaining player could be using. With no source 
of energy regeneration or allies to revive them, the remaining player will 
eventually lose its energy until it too is finally downed.

In short, the strategy is: down an enemy or two, fortify an extractor, 
and force the remaining players to rush the extractor until they are downed.
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