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Adopted Passion Realize Your Dream Cheats

Adopted Passion Realize Your Dream

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Start:
Written by Faboulous_Lux

At the time of start the player has no ambitions or goals in life. Finding 
himself now in a trailer park residence causes a flashback of a past conversation
with his mother. At this moment it is entirely up to the player to decide the 
course of his own life. This is achieved by any major choices made within the game, 
the possession of cars greatly affects this. players can choose a normal law-abiding
lifestyle buy buying non-black listed cars (street racing cars to the law).

Once spawned there are npcs situated around the premises that show up at different 
times throughout the day that offer a guide in the direction of their favorite 
hobbies. Should the player decide transportation is necessary there are several 
options to choose from. Again, the choices made by players will have an impact on
the world around you.

There are a few food items left a box of cereal, milk, and a beef patty. these 
can be eaten as is or the patty can be cooked in the frying pan (recommended) and
the cereal and milk can be placed in the bowl on the table and eaten. The answering
machine has a message waiting for the player to hear after which an old childhood 
friend appears at the front door at the mentioned date and time (players are free 
to explore in the meantime) once appeared the player is presented with two options
tell him the truth or lie.

If the former is chosen, he will offer assistance and request that you seek him 
out later. the latter option put him at ease, he then leaves (for good). The first
option better suites those looking to head down a road of street racing While the 
second will ensure this never happens.

-=Acquiring Your First Car=-
Vehicles can be acquired through many different methods (mostly purchase), upon 
entering a new game players can find a vehicle near the park (the key is needed)
this can be acquired through a dialogue with a npc in the park who then proceeds
to ask if you would like to relieve him of the broken-down vehicle and repair it.
should the player accept the offer the key is then granted to them.

This car is referred to as a daily driver and is not a black-listed car. The 
vehicle now needs to be fixed in order to become of use. To repair, an engine can 
be purchased at the local junkyard specifically for that vehicle for $500. A gear 
wrench will also be required for removing or installing any parts, this can be 
purchased at the local tool shop.

Once the engine is replaced the vehicle can now be used at any time as long as it
remains functional through maintenance. Another vehicle that can be acquired for 
free is located in a shed on the foreclosed farm property. To obtain this vehicle 
remove the key out of the ignition this vehicle only requires fuel in order to be 
used. the final starting option is to save up $2000 in order to purchase the car 
from your childhood friend.

After speaking with him at the house he will be at his house everyday from 12pm 
to 15pm (Except Sundays). Once spoken to at this location he will offer to sell 
the car.
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