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A-10 Cuba Cheats

A-10 Cuba

Cheat Codes:
Enable the "Invincible Aircraft" control setting. Then, enter one of the 
following codes during flight to activate the cheats:
Code                   Result
[Ctrl] + [Tab]       - Add 500 feet to altitude
[Ctrl] + [Tab] + S   - Slow motion mode
[Ctrl] + [Tab] + X   - Enable joystick

During gameplay Press "P" For pause.

Effect                 Code
+1life/9lives        - LF1/LF9
Can jump/Can't Jump  - AJU/AJD
Can't Jump(Fly Down) - JDN
Fly                  - FUS 
Go to next level     - New
keep Jumping         - JUS
Kill 1 enemy         - Kil
Kill enemies         - All
Slow 10/Slow 30      - SL1/SL3
Speed 10/Speed 30    - SP1/SP3
Stop 10/Stop30       - ST1/ST3
Walk (Fly Down)      - FDN

Move anywhere:
Activate cheat mode and the "Enable joystick" code. Then, repeatedly press
one of the following keys to move your aircraft in the corresponding direction. 

Direction 	    Key
Forward      - [Keypad 8]
Backwards    - [Keypad 2]
Left         - [Keypad 4]
Right        - [Keypad 6]
Up           - [Keypad 7]
Down         - [Keypad 1]

Abort Bad Mission: 
The game normally disables the Ctrl + Alt + Delete warm boot combination. However,
If a mission ends badly and you wish to stop the game from saving that result, 
press [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Delete] during the brief period of time when the game 
loads the next part of the program. The aborted mission will not be on file when
the game is restarted.
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