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A Tale of Two Kingdoms Cheats

A Tale of Two Kingdoms

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Wisdom and Honour Points List (100%):
Written by Helvel

Want to get 100% wisdom and honour? Here's a list of wisdom and 
honour points in each chapter.

In this guide you will find a list of wisdom and honour points that you 
can get in every chapter. Since there are often multiple solutions to a 
problem or puzzle, only the solutions that give you the most points are 
listed here.

Certain actions are available in other chapters as well, so if you've 
missed something in one chapter, there's a chance you can still get it 
later in the game. For example, you can obtain the comb after chapter 3 
too. This does not apply to all of the points though.

Please note that this is not a walkthrough. Following this guide should 
give you a total of 100% wisdom and 100% honour at the end of the game.

Warning: spoilers ahead!

-=About Honour
Honour can be quite a tricky thing. While there are many ways to obtain 
honour, there are also some ways to lose it. If you want to achieve 100% 
honour, avoid doing the following:

* Stealing money from the tailor.
* Getting caught sneaking into the monastery.
* Attempting to kill the jeweler. If you throw a dagger at her, your 
honour will be set back to 0%!

-=Chapter I
Earnable points:
4% wisdom, 3% honour 

* Win the game against Paradur. (+1% wisdom)
* Find the scepter in the vase upstairs. (+1% wisdom)
* Obtain the rope from the room where Geraint keeps guard. (+1% wisdom)
* Give the scepter to Princess Rhiannon. (+3% honour)
* Defend yourself against the assassin. (+1% wisdom)

-=Chapter II
Earnable points:
7% wisdom, 4% honour 

* Slip out through the door while the guard is distracted. (+2% wisdom)
* Extinguish the torch with the bucket of water from the kitchen. 
  (+1% wisdom)
* Drop the vase on the guard outside and climb down the castle wall. 
  (+2% wisdom)
* Open the door to the tailor's shop. (+1% wisdom)
* Disguise yourself. (+1% wisdom)
* Escape from Carbonek. (+4% honour)

Total points so far: 11% wisdom, 7% honour 

-=Chapter III
Earnable points:
14% wisdom, 4% honour 

* Bring Niahm apples for the apple cider twice. (+2% honour)
* Borrow the key to the shed from the druid. (+1% wisdom)
* Obtain the green elixer using the shovel. (+1% wisdom)
* Return the key to the druid. (+2% honour)
* Break the wizard's "dizziness" curse. (+1% wisdom)
* Find a gold coin. (+1% wisdom)
* Talk to the Pooka. (+1% wisdom)
* Obtain the comb south of the giant's home. (+2% wisdom)
* Break free from the cage at the goblin camp. (+1% wisdom)
* Obtain the runic symbol. (+1% wisdom)
* Escape from the goblin camp. (+1% wisdom)
* Find the lantern near the shipwreck. (+1% wisdom)
* Use green elixer on the plant near the city wall. (+2% wisdom)
* Get the cape from the tailor (do not steal it). (+1% wisdom)

Total points so far: 25% wisdom, 11% honour 

-=Chapter IV
Earnable points:
39% wisdom, 25% honour 

* Catch the squirrel. (+2% wisdom)
* Pick up the pigeon. (+1% wisdom)
* Obtain the note attached to the pigeon. (+1% wisdom)
* Let the druid heal the pigeon. (+1% honour)
* Give the squirrel to the druid. (+2% honour)
* Obtain the self-bored stone. (+2% honour)
* Solve the Pooka's riddle. (+1% wisdom)
* Give the Pooka a gift. (+1% honour)
* Give the goblins apple cider. (+1% wisdom)
* Win a game against the goblins. (+2% wisdom)

* Put some gold in the tailor's cup. (+2% honour)
* Find Ashe's love letter. (+1% wisdom)
* Retrieve your sword from the blacksmith. (+1% wisdom)
* Buy the flute. (+1% wisdom)
* Save yourself from the wizard's storm. (+1% wisdom)
* Get thrown out of the city by the guards. (+1% wisdom)

* Enter the shipwreck. (+1% wisdom)
* Discover Ruadh's trap. (+1% wisdom)
* Obtain the golden apple. (+1% wisdom)
* Get your belongings back. (+1% wisdom)
* Promise to talk to the people of Havgan. (+1% wisdom, +1% honour)
* Help Ruadh get a job. (+2% honour)
* Pick up the lockpicks. (+1% wisdom)
* Defeat the Barghest. (+2% wisdom)
* Learn how to play the flute. (+1% wisdom)
* Obtain the jar with brains. (+1% wisdom)
* Discover the wizard's tower. (+1% wisdom)
* Obtain snake statue at the wizard's tower. (+1% wisdom)
* Destroy the wizard's crystall ball. (+1% wisdom)
* Trick the giant 3 times when he challenges you. 
  (+2% wisdom, +4% honour)
* Give the brain to the scarecrow. (+3% honour)

* Steal the goblin shield from the blacksmith. (+1% wisdom)
* Learn about raskovnik. (+1% wisdom)
* Obtain holy water. (+1% wisdom)
* Find raskovnik. (+1% wisdom)
* Give raskovnik to the sorcerer's apprentice. (+2% honour)
* Pick up the goblin shield on the beach. (+1% wisdom)

* Find the door to Thierna na Oge. (+1% wisdom)
* Play the tune to open the door. (+1% wisdom)
* Pass the Pooka's test. (+3% wisdom)
* Give comb to Blossom. (+2% honour)
* Show love letter to the Seelie. (+1% honour)
* Win the game against the Unseelie. (+1% wisdom)
* Obtain the Onyx shard. (+2% honour)

Total points so far: 64% wisdom, 36% honour 

-=Chapter V
Earnable points:
18% wisdom, 28% honour 

* Tell Blossom about Ruadh. (+4% honour)
* Find the Pooka by the enchanted Princess. (+1% wisdom)
* Save the princess. (+3% honour)
* Turn into a goblin. (+1% wisdom)
* Hide from Branwyn. (+1% wisdom)
* Make the goblins fall asleep. (+3% wisdom)
* Pick up the rodent. (+1% wisdom)
* Convice the druid to spare the goblins. (+3% honour)
* Take the skull. (+1% wisdom)
* Wish for Branwyn's health. (+3% honour)

* Find the pot of gold. (+1% wisdom)
* Obtain the crystal from the giant. (+1% wisdom)
* Bring the pumpkin, rodent and crystal to the Seelie. 
  (+2% honour)
* Give the glowing pumpkin to Ashe. (+3% honour)
* Convince Ashe to help you sneak into Carbonek at night. 
  (+1% wisdom)
* Obtain the key to the glass case. (+2% wisdom)
* Climb through the window of the monastery. (+1% wisdom)
* Take the ice orb from the monastery. (+1% wisdom)

* Find a way into the goblin camp. (+2% wisdom)
* Show the skull to the goblins. (+1% wisdom)
* Defeat Skullcrusher in battle. (+3% honour)
* Spare Skullcrusher. (+2% honour)
* Free the tailor. (+3% honour)
* Give the skull back to the goblins. (+2% honour)

Total points so far: 82% wisdom, 64% honour 

-=Chapter VI
Earnable points:
7% wisdom, 15% honour 

* Tell the Seelie who the assassin is. (+2% wisdom)
* Show the Seelie the right evidence. (+8% honour)
* Put the ice orb back in the glass case. (+2% honour)
* Return the key to Finegas. (+1% honour)
* Sneak into Carbonek with Ruadh. (+1% wisdom)
* Ask Ruadh to pick the lock. (+1% wisdom)
* Throw a horseshoe at the jeweler. (+2% wisdom)
* Escape from Carbonek again. (+1% wisdom)
* Show the Gem of Truth to Princess Rhiannon. 
  (+4% honour)

Total points so far: 89% wisdom, 79% honour 

-=Chapter VII
Earnable points:
4% wisdom, 3% honour 

* Outsmart the fox. (+1% wisdom)
* Talk to the druid. (+1% wisdom)
* Break the wizard's spell. (+2% wisdom)
* Agree to help Geraint and Paradur. (+3% honour)

Total points so far: 93% wisdom, 82% honour 

-=Chapter VIII
Earnable points:
7% wisdom, 18% honour 

* Get the ladder down. (+1% wisdom)
* Convince the sorcerer's apprentice that her master is interfering. 
  (+1% wisdom, +3% honour)
* Give your girdle to the sorcerer's apprentice. (+3% honour)
* Find the door to your room in the castle. (+1% wisdom)
* Defeat the Barghest again. (+3% honour)
* Distract the guards. (+2% wisdom)
* Block the door to the soldier's quarters. (+2% wisdom)
* Confront the wizard. (+4% honour)
* Finish the game. (+5% honour)

Total points so far: 100% wisdom, 100% honour.
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