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A Street Cat's Tale: support edition Cheats

A Street Cat's Tale: support edition

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

All Endings:
Written by MetaControl

This is a complete walkthrough,covering all of the 11 possible endings.

Part of the game, and necessary for a 100% completion, is to play through 
several times and try to unlock a new ending every time. A detailed list 
and description of all possible endings is available here.

1. Bobby, the Fish Store and I
Maximum Intimacy with Bobby

2. Protect the Loved Ones
Maximum Intimacy with Boss Cat

3. Being with Humans
Maximum Intimacy with Doggo

4. The Long Journey
Maximum Intimacy with Gregory Park

5. Solitude
Survive without reaching maximum intimacy with anyone

6. The Rainbow Bridge
Health meter reaching zero

7. Warm Hands
Maximum Intimacy with Simon

8. Life with Humans
Maximum Intimacy with Sarah

9. The True Journey
Maximum Intimacy with Elder Cat

10. Flower
Maximum Intimacy with Freckle & Dotty

11. Met My Mama!
Maximum Intimacy with Michelle
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