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A Sky Full of Stars Cheats

A Sky Full of Stars

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Routes Walkthrough:
Written by Aile

Just a simple route guide.

-=Route Recommendation (Spoiler Alert)=-
Thankfully you can choose any routes on your first play in this game, unlike 
If My Heart Had Wings, so if you're just looking for story, I can explain 
each routes but I'll try not to spoil too much here.
This is based on my opinion by the way, so it might be different from what 
you expect when you play the route, also this review might be lame because 
English is not my native language basically.
Playing all the routes? Save the best for last!

If you're that type of person, just follow this:
Korona -> Saya -> Orihime -> Hikari

Looking a kind of route that you want?
Reminder, these are based on my opinion.

-=1.Hikari - Most Memorable Route=-
I think this is the best route, the most memorable one, conflict between 
friendship was an interesting part, there was also a conflict when they 
almost lost hope of doing something big, the ending was also satisfying.

-=2.Saya - Most Straight Route=-
This route is kind of route that you expect the ending would be, you'll 
understand once you finish the common route at least, everything went smoother 
than in Hikari's route, there was still a little conflict but I don't think 
it was that much of a problem, for me it was kind of boring but some people 
may still like it, the ending was still pretty good though in my opinion, 
Also, Saya is cute.

-=3.Orihime - Most Romantic Route=-
This route had less conflict than the other two, maybe almost no conflict at 
all, but that doesn't mean the route is completely boring, it was kind of 
exciting, love between ordinary boy and lady-like girl, sounds cliche but it
 was truly romantic in my opinion, the ending was quite bland though, some 
people might not like it, but it was still good in it's own way.

-=4.Korona - Shortest Route=-
This was the shortest route out of all, I think, it felt like I put more 
hours in each other routes than this one, overall it was interesting, it 
was all pretty much about the protagonist who supports the heroine towards 
her goal together, the ending was also quite bland and probably makes you 
say "that's it?", that was my opinion though, some people might still like it.
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