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A Short Hike Cheats

A Short Hike

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Written by nakami
Keyboard cheat codes for A Short Hike.

Hey! Since this is a single player game it should be okay to reveal the 
cheats in this game. Some may be neat for speed-running or experimenting,
some are fun to try out after you finished the game. First be sure to 
enable cheat codes by writing the following cammand on your keyboard:


You should see a little toast in the upper left corner afterwards.

Besides the cheat codes I enlisted here, I've found some that seem to be 
used for development which I omitted from this guide as they don't offer 

Caution: There is a leaderboard for the beachstickball game and some cheats 
disable participation for the particular save file you're playing on. You 
can make a backup of your save file by going to 
"%appdata%/../LocalLow/adamgryu/A Short Hike" and creating a copy of 
the file "GameSaveNew.mountain".

-=Item Cheat Codes=-
featherplz  - get a golden feather.
nopeplz     - remove one golden feather.
sunhatplz   - get a sun hat.
coinsplz    - get 50 coins.
shellsplz   - get 14 shells.
shovelplz   - get a shovel.
shoesplz    - get running shoes.
greedyplz   - get all items once (just one fish) 
              Caution: will disable beachstickball leaderboard participation!
allfishplz  - get a fish of each species.

-=Rendering Cheat Codes=-
User Interface

fpsplz      - toggle fps counter display.
speedrunplz - toggle speed run clock display.
hideuiplz   - hide user interface.
showuiplz   - show user interface.

-=Rendering settings=-
15fpsplz    - set maximum fps to 15 and disable vsync.
45fpsplz    - set maximum fps to 45 and disable vsync.
lowresplz   - render with a width of 480.
midresplz   - render with a width of 622.
highresplz  - render with the width of the current display.

-=Cinema mode=-
Cinema mode let's you rotate the camera freely. 
The controls for keyboard and controller are different.

cinemaplz   - enable cinema camera

-=Gameplay Cheat Codes=-
restoreplz  - restore feather energy.
              Caution: will disable beachstickball leaderboard participation!
imstuckplz  - teleport to aunt.
fishplz     - toggle faster fishing.

Treasure Map Locations:
-=In Her Shadow=-
Map location: In a chest located on the deck of the fisherman’s boat.
Treasure location: Dig at the tip of the lighthouse shadow.

-=The King’s Throne=-
Map location: In a chest located near the abandoned building.
Treasure location: Dig on the grass top of a rock platform on Royal Ridge.
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