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A Light in the Dark Cheats

A Light in the Dark

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Walkthrough (All Endings Guide):
Written by WinterSachi

All endings guide for A Light in the Dark.

-=All Endings=-
The visual novel has 5 normal endings + 1 bad ending.

Bad Ending (Choose Death Achievement) - The condition: during the first day use 
every opportunity to anger the kidnapper and try to escape as many times as possible,
soon enough your stamina will drop to 0, and youíll die.

Ending 5 (Sickness Achievement) - The condition: during the second and the third 
days anger the little sister by picking all the choices which make her big sister
(the kidnapper) looks bad and distrusting. Youíll die at the end of the Day 3.

Ending 4 (Warmth Achievement) - The condition: during the Day 5, when youíre alone 
with the little sister, choose to attempt to flee, instead of giving up.

Ending 3 (Indelible Mark Achievement) - The conditions:

During the beginning of the Day 3 choose to escape.
During the beginning of the Day 4 choose to resist.
During the beginning of the Day 5 choose to escape.
During the Day 2 ask the little sister "Do you know where your older sister went?" 
then select "What if she tries to escape?"
During one of the conversations with the big sister ask her "Do you really think you 
will get out of this unscathed?" then select "I'm not interested in finding out".
During the Day 5 try to loosen the ropes while the big sister is sleeping.
During the Day 6 go to the bathroom and investigate the broken glass on the ground, 
cut the ropes then donít attack the little sister but instead attack the big sis.

Remember that during the Day 5 you shouldnít try to escape when thereís only the little 
sister with you, right after you've heard the motorcycle, because itíll lead straight 
to the Ending 4.

Another indicator that youíve reached the Ending 3's route is a visual glitch during 
one of the days (other routes donít have it):

Ending 2 (Endless Rain Achievement) - The condition: donít escape, try to cooperate with 
sisters, choose the peaceful path but donít investigate much and try to choose one or 
two dialogue variants from the conditions of the Ending 3 to upset them a little. 
The ending takes place during the Day 6.

Ending 1 (New Beginning Achievement) - The condition: same as Ending 2 but donít say 
anything mean or unpleasant to the sisters. If you live past the Day 6, then youíre fine.

Ending 0 (A Gleaming in the Dark Achievement) - The conditions:

-=Day 1=-
Contemplate the situation
How did I get kidnapped
Got it
Look away
Chat with the Older Girl
What's your name?
How should I address you then?
What do you want?
So what happens after you get the money?
I want to go home.
Observe the window, the bag and the clock
He probably thinks it's a scam
Bear it

-=Day 2=-
Ask for help.
Who is this big sis?
I will cooperate
Chat with Young Girl
Why me?
Inquire further
How long have you known big sis?
What if you're being manipulated?
Observe the coat
Try to talk
? Answer honestly
? Don't struggle
Chat with Older Girl
??What's your relationship?
??? Stay quiet
??How much does she know about the kidnapping?
??? She seems to really trust you
Observe blue cigarette box

-=Day 3=-
? Try to communicate
? Converse.
Chat with Young GIrl
??You really believe in her
??? Do you just believe in anything he says?
??Where did your big sis go?
??? Of being found out by the cops.
Observe books
? I don't know
Chat with Young Girl
??What do you picture me as?
??? Try to judge for yourself
Observe calendar and game poster
? Just let me rest
? Remain silent

-=Day 4=-
? Is that so?
? Try to cooperate
Chat with Older Girl
??About my next step...
??How much money do you actually owe?
??? Is there no other option?
Observe antique cellphone
? Knife
? Why don't you try to change that then?
Chat with Older Girl
??Do we know each other?
??What do you plan to do with that little girl?
Observe sink

-=Day 5=-
Chat with Older Girl
??Why do you owe so much money?
??? So no one can help you?
??You look really tired.
??? I told you it might spread.
Observe window in toilet
? Ask
Chat with Young Girl
??That Ms. Wang you just mentioned...
??? She's your family, right?
??Thank you for helping me.
Observe notebook
? Give up

-=Day 6=-
Chat with Older Girl
??So you're sick, yet you're drinking coke...
??Still no money huh?
??So what do you plan to do next?
??? Maybe the money will come in soon.
Observer paper crane, mirror and lamp

-=Day 7=-
Chat with Older Girl
??So I heard you were a straight-A student.
??Do you still keep in touch with your father?
??Her expectations...
Observe sleeping pills, curtains and chair
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