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9 Years of Shadows Cheats

9 Years of Shadows

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Miria Boss:
Written by Grrbrr

-=The first boring phase=-
- hang around the center. Your charged water attack can go almost 
  half the arena. You can also spam it by resetting it by ducking 
  after the spin.
- The long attack of the water protects you from the guard-attack. 
  You can keep spamming.

-=The second phase=-
- Play with a thumbstick. Had myself to switch after playing the
  whole game with a pad. Helps with ducking from a jump and from
- Try to have room to run away from the tall wave strikes while 
  jumping. When the back and forth happens, you'll mostly have 
  optimal position to avoid the waves. Even the ones that you duck, 
  prepare yourself to the other side.
- Do not attack while shields at zero. Endure until the waves stop.
- The second the boss attacks at the center of the stage again, only 
  then kiss the bear.
- Try to use your shields to shoot potshots at the boss while you 
  are dodging the waves.
- Try to time the "active-shield-reload" thing to a spot where you 
  are ducking the wave.
- Taking the phase slow allows you to better watch the level of your 
  shields and prepare for the active-reload.

The rest is complete luck. Some attacks are spammed in a way that 
you can't avoid. But slow and steady pace wins the race.
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