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2006 FIFA World Cup Cheats

2006 FIFA World Cup

All-World team:
Unlock the All-African, All-Americans, All-Asian, and 
All-European all-star teams. 

Starting a career with any team:
If you support a team like Chelsea or Milan, and you want to choose
that team without having to buy all the career teams, use the 
following trick. Go to then main menu, then select "Team Management",
then "Edit Player". Choose any team and begin to edit their players 
up to 78. You can still leave some players with overall 83, but to 
make sure leave them at 78. You can edit almost all, if not all, of
your team's players, Then, go to career mode and your team will be 
available. Also because your overall is 78, your players will not 
ask for more salary and you can keep that team always, unlike just
swapping the starting eleven's for the subs (even if you can choose
that team, you will lose a lot of salary and eventually be fired). 
Do not worry about your players having overall 78. If you keep 
winning, your players will almost go back to their original overall
stats. Also, go to Club Transfers and take some players you do not 
need or like. This will also make your players ask for less salary,
because you will have less players.
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