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1968 Tunnel Rats Cheats

1968 Tunnel Rats

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Tunnel Rats is a dark and intense single-player shooter for PC that 
depicts the horrific realities of the Vietnam War as seen through the 
eyes of a young US soldier.

As member of a ˘Tunnel Rats÷ squad, the player is trained to clearing 
out the huge tunnel systems underneath the jungle of Vietnam. After
all of his mates got killed in an ambush, the young GI finds himself
all alone, fighting against the Vietcong, their deadly traps and his
growing inner madness...

Game Features.
* Relive the atmosphere and unique scenes of Uwe BollĂs simultaneously
released movie ˘1968 Tunnel Rats÷.

* Face the claustrophobic, pitch-black tunnel maze and a war-torn jungle
on the surface, riddled with the most nasty traps ever built.

* Experience the dark horror of war, expressed through expressive, harsh
visuals, a creepy soundtrack and shocking scenes of torture and death.

* Intense, story-driven campaign with 8 levels

* Complex underground tunnel systems and hidden places

* Dark inner monologue and growing loss of grid

* 10 authentic weapons, including flamethrowers

* 20 trap types, including whip and pits, snakes and water traps
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