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103 Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Written by Hanni

Follow the girl and walk in the opposite direction as soon as the radio 
plays music.

* Inspect the frame in front of the window.
* Continue walking and look at the frame next to the entrance door.
* Find a letter on one of the tables. Read it.
* Go back to the door frame and inspect it.
* Solve the mirror puzzle.
* Look at the window frame.
* Inspect the empty door frame and wait.
* Turn around and look at this door.
* Wait for a few seconds and knock again. 
* Repeat it.
* Wait until the girl disappears and walk one and a half circle to the 
  window frame. 
* Inspect it.
* Continue walking, find a filled glass in front of the bear and drink it up.
* Drink five more times and get drunk. 
* Approach the girl and her teddy bear. 
* Look at the frame.
* Inspect the window frame and follow some candles.
* Sit down in the chair and wait.
* Look at the door frame.
* Inspect the window frame.
* Look at the poster in the mirror floor.
* Walk to the door you have knocked on before.
* Try to escape three times. 
* Leave the apartment and step on the cirlce.
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