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102 Dalmatians - Puppies To The Rescue Cheats

102 Dalmatians - Puppies To The Rescue

Cheat Codes:
Also known as: "Disney's 102 Dalmatians: Puppies to the Rescue"

Trap Jasper:
When Jasper starts chasing you, run - do not bark or fumble. Run to the beehive
that Fidget showed you. If you do this, Jasper will get buzzed.

Trap Horace:
Find Horace near the blue steps in Piccadilly. Open the manhole. Then let the 
dog do all the work to trap Horace.

Defeating Cruella 1:
Shoot Pineapples and hit her five times to win. 
Note: Power-ups such as the steak will be all around.

Finding Lucky:
Go behind the chair in the house and push on the wall.

Finding Rolly:
Enter the kitchen and look inside the cupboard.

Finding a bone:
Go to the cash register in the toy store level and open it. A bone will appear.

Parrot ride:
If you get 100 bones on each level, Waddlesworth the parrot will give you a ride.
When you have your bones, find a blue mark on the floor. He will ask if you want
a ride. Answer "Yes".

Television screen:
Go to the television in the living room in the De Ville Manor level. Bark or run
into the television to see a hidden screen.

Level 1: Get all the bones:
Chase the pigeon to the pigeon statue to get the rest of the bones.

Level 1: Finding the nut:
In level 1, Regents Park, you must find Fidget's nut to get all the bones. First, 
you must get Jasper. Then, talk to Fidget and she will ask you to find her nut. 
Her nut is in the gate that you open by defeating the car toy. 

Level 2: Finding a bone:
Go to the cash register in the toy store level and open it. A bone will appear. 

Level 2: Getting the puppy:
In level 2, the toy store, go into the second room and down a slide. You will see 
Tibs by the water gun. Squirt ten bubbles to get a crate. Squirt the balloon to get 
the puppy on the ground.

Level 3: Trap Horace:
Find Horace near the blue steps in level 3, Piccadilly. Open the manhole. Then 
let the dog do all the work to trap Horace. 

Level 3: Getting on the pillar:
Once you get to level 3, Piccadilly, talk to Fidget. Follow her to the town square. 
Talk to her at the town square and she will tell you about the pillar. Find the four 
smaller statues and press 3 when you are close to them. After the pillar is as low as 
it can go, jump on it and press 3 to go up. When you are at the top, jump off. 
There will be a surprise on top of the pillar.

Level 15: Trapping Lepelt:
In level 15, Spooky Forest, go to a place where you see a log. Make sure you talk to 
Crystal first. After you talk to Crystal, try to leave that area by going past the 
tree farthest away from the log. Lepelt will see you. Then, run back to the log. 
Then, the puppy will do the work.

Level 17: Television screen:
Go to the television in the living room in level 17, De Ville Manor. Bark or run 
into the television to see a hidden screen. 

Make Lepelt speak:
Once you are in the Royal Museum level, go through a door with a pyramid picture 
next to it. You will immediately see a giant pyramid. Go around the pyramid until 
you see a door. Go in the door. Lepelt will be standing behind a pot. Do not go 
over there yet. Jump into the sarcophagus that he planned for a trap and let the 
puppy trap him. Once the puppy has trapped him, jump on top of the sarcophagus 
and go where the face is. He will say a few different things each time you jump 
on him.

Stuck cart:
In the Ancient Castle, go to where the catapult is outside. You will find a moving 
cart with some hay on it. Bounce on it to find an extra try and some bones. To stop
it, let the cart push you towards the gate (which you open by defeating the toy 
closest to it). After it stops pushing you and starts to move in the other 
direction, stay where it stopped pushing you. When the cart returns, wait until it
is almost touching you, then bark. It will be stuck until you jump on it again.

Level 2: Getting on the train early:
In level 2, "Toy store," go into the ruins room. Jump on the trampoline and jump 
to the ledge. Jump to the other ledge that is close to the other one. Walk all the
way around until you see a hole in the floor. Go to the edge of the ledge and jump
onto a platform. It will have a doggie point (extra four tries) on it. Wait for 
the train. When it arrives, get on.

Level 10: Dunking Jasper:
Once you get to the "Carnival" level, you can easily go straight through the portal
and to the next level. However, to get the extra credit by finding the bones and 
puppies, it might take awhile. To trap Jasper, you need to talk to the turtle (Shelby)
near the level entrance. He will tell you that he has seen Jasper. You must go near 
the portal and find the dunk tank. The puppy (Domino or Oddball) will say something 
similar to "I wonder if Jasper can swim...", then Jasper will be around the area of 
where Shelby was located. Lead him to the dunk tank and use the dunk tank ticket 
to squirt. Hit the target and dunk Jasper.

Level 10--- Bounce-a-Rama:
Submitted by: Shelby

When you get into the bouncer go to the edge and double bounce by double clicking enter 
several times. Then you will reach a higher ground.
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