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Zeus' Battlegrounds Cheats

Zeus' Battlegrounds

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tips & Tricks:
* Make sure your Demigod is armored in a fight.
* Drink an elixir of rejuvenation before an expected fight so that 
  you are constantly gaining health during your fight.
* Always have a ranged weapon handy, even if itís just in your inventory. 
  Itís helpful for scouting!
* Keep an eye on your inventory Ė arrows come in stacks of five and itís 
  easy to fill your bag with them.
* If you see an epic piece of gear, pick it up and place it in your 
  inventory Ė even if you already have that slot filled with an epic. This 
  prevents your enemies from obtaining that valued weapon and using it 
  against you.
* If you hear a loud crash or see a beam of gold light in the distance, 
  thatís a God Chest sent down by Zeus. This chest contains extremely 
  powerful items that can increase your chances in battle. Beware Ė there 
  is a 10 second cast time that may allow enemies to ambush you.
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