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Z Dawn Cheats

Z Dawn

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Survival Guide:
Written by The Emperor Of Light

This Z Dawn survival guide is for noobs to help them get their feet on game. 

First Turns, What to Seek

After playing some time and testing I notice that takes 200 turns for a 
characters to start losing Health en they enter the starving state. 

You already start with 6 food, that will give you some time to do many things.

First thing you do is equip all your guys with the 6 weapons you start. After 
is finding a town, I recommend a town that is not connected with a road. 
Then kill all zombies that might be around the town.

Set encampment near the town, 3 or 4 tiles away.

Then collect wood, build the spiked wall. 
The only one that does not require any other resource.

Go to the town, and get food, put all your survivors searching in the houses. 
It's the most likely to have food. When you find at least 6 search for other 
equipments for your guys.

Now, it's time to search for meds, you have to explore, never engage the zombies, 
better to just out run them, explore until you find the Research Center, here 
it's the better place to get meds, fill the entire inventory with meds

Use the meds needed for the most injured survivors.

Go back to the encampment! And That's it! This type of start always work for 
me! But remember SPEED and ENDURANCE are the most important to survive while 
you are at the begining. 
SPEED makes your survivors dodge attacks and ENDURANCE increase their health 
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