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Ys Seven Cheats

Ys Seven

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

-=Fast Skill Leveling=-
This guide does contain spoilers! A guide on how to gain skill exp 
quickly for the achievement: Stroker of Weapons' Souls.

-=Leveling Skills=-
All skills consume a certain amount of SP, and depending on this 
amount of SP, skills will require more or less skill EXP to max at 
level 10.

An early game skill that consumes 10 SP will need 2000 skill EXP to 
max at level 10, where the highest level skills that require 80 SP 
will only need 500 skill EXP. This is to balance the disparity between 
player use of skills as lower cost skills can be spammed, will be 
around from the beginning of the game, while higher cost skills will 
be only available during late game and will be used less frequently.

Luckily for us, this means the skills take roughly the same amount of 
time each to max at level 10 regardless of their SP cost.

The most imporant thing to remember are that skills still gain EXP 
regardless if it hits an enemy or not. Which means we can take advantage 
of this for a nice little leveling trick:
* First you'll need to warp to Earth Sanctum: End
* These green crystals in the Earth Sanctum when broken, drop large 
  amounts of SP (the points needed to use skills) which will allow  
  us to spam skills, and accumulate skill EXP at a fast rate.
* To reset the crystals, exit south to the next screen and return to 
  repeat the process over again. 
* However there are some important accessories I highly recommend 
  to get before attempting this.

There are 2 Accessories I recommend having equipped to make skill 
grinding go much much faster:

-=Training Ring II=-
Equipping this will raise the skill EXP you gain from using skills 
from 1 to 3. This ring triples EXP gain and will cut down time spent
leveling skills significantly. 

Equip this on the character who's skills you are wanting to level up.

-=Energy Orb=-
Equipping this will let you gain SP from simply running around. This 
can help save time as its another way to get SP on top of the green 
This item will not work if you don't have it equipped on one your main 
party members (the 3 visible characters you control)

Written by Baslam.
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