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Youtubers Life 2 Cheats

Youtubers Life 2

Submitted by: David K.

How To Get Married:
Written by ttv/CTGamer505

Personally, it took me ages to figure out how to get married, especially 
without any obvious way to know how to do so, so here is a guide on how 
to do just that.

The first step to getting married is choosing who you want to get married 
to. You can choose from all the people that are capable to getting up to 7 

Secondly, increase your friendship level with them, talk to them everyday, 
give them 2 gifts a week (loved gifts are better but anything works), and 
upload a photo with them once a week to do this as fast as possible.

Once they reach 5 hearts, you will be able to flirt with them, this can be 
accomplished by talking to them over and over until a flirt option appears.
They wonít instantly be attracted to you, but once you reach 6 hearts, you 
will be dating and have the option of kissing them instead of talking, which
has the same impact on heart level.

Once you are dating, its time to get them to move in! Go to city hall and 
purchase a set of duplicate house keys for $100. Then gift this to your 
partner and they will move in the next day. You can gift them the duplicate 
house keys even if you have already gifted them twice that week.

Now the last step, getting married. You wonít be able to completely reach 
7 hearts until married, but you can still max out the heart before which 
you must do before getting married. Then go to the VIP area in Gianniís 
store and you will be able to find an engagement ring for $2000 on the table 
Lucy stands at. Buy this and gift it to your partner the same way as the 
house keys and if you have maxed the hearts as much as possible, they will 
accept! You will then have a cut scene getting married and the time of day 
will progress.

Congratulations, youíre married now! I hope this guide helped!

Side note: even after dating or getting married, it says your partners 
status is still single on the contacts app so just ignore that.
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