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Wytchwood Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

In this guide you will find all recipes for the Wytchwood game.

-=All Recipes=-
Item               Ingredients
Mending Poultice - Forest Herb x2, Hagshroom x1
Empty Jar        - Clay x3, Campfire Ember x1
Unveiling Powder - Hagshroom x1, Seeker Vine x2, Impeye Nut x1
Hearthseed       - Impeye Nut x1, Flower Petal x2
Snap Trap        - Impeye Nut x1, Wickerwork x1
Soporific Morsel - Soporific Potion x1, Meaty Morsel x1
Bait Stick       - Toxic Thistle x1, Twig x1, Meaty Morsel x1
Smoke Pellet     - Frog Slime x2, Forest Herb x1, Clay x3
Digestive Tablet - Snail Shell x3, Eye of Newt x1, Goblin Snot x1
Snagvine         - Seeker Vine x3, Sewing Kit x1
Cinderbox        - Campfire Ember x1, Rodent Lard x1, Firefly x3
Royal Incense    - Smoke Pellet x1, Witch Spice x1, Soporific Potion x1
Shiny Lure       - Shiny Stone x1, Firefly x2, Wickerwork x1
Glitter Bomb     - Empty Jar x1, Soot Sprite x2, Flower Petal x3
Key to my Heart  - Love Potion x1, Skeleton Key x1
Acidic Unguent   - Wyrd Water x1, Algae x4, Potion of Blight x1
Tidal Tincture   - Wyrd Water x1, Skipper Scale x2, Soothing Rune x1
Fishing Line     - Reedy Twine x1, Iron Nail x1, Hopper Leg x1
Crab Trap        - Barnacle x1, Wickerwork x2
Puzzle Box       - Changeling Root x2, Iron Nail x2, Seashell x1
Cat Treat        - Fish x1, Jar of Milk x2
Feline Curio     - Cat Treat x1, Witch Spice x1, Stuffed Birb x1
Restorative Idol - Mandrake Root x2, Necromantic Charm x1, Mending Poultice x2
Spirit Salts     - Embalming Salts x3, Unveiling Powder x1
Soothing Rune    - Spirit Salts x1, Soporific Potion x1, Cobblestones x3
Exorcism Charm   - Wickerwork x1, Black Rose x1, Bat Wing x2
Bottled Despair  - Spectral Tears x1, Mandrake Root x3, Wyrd Water x1
Dreadful Doll    - Grain x3, Hopper Leg x3, Sewing Kit x1
Spirit Board     - Grave Bone x1, Necromantic Charm x1, Wicked Gemstone x1
Floral Wreath    - Lazy Grass x2, Wickerwork x1, Rainbow Roll x1
Frozen Treat     - Soporific Morsel x1, Frostling Snow x1, Chilled Mushroom x3
Touch of Cold    - Frostling Snow x2, Bottled Despair x1, Metamorphosis Elixir x1
Avian Lexicon    - Red Feather x2, Stuffed Birb x1, Blood x1
Soporific Potion - Lethe Cap x2, Jar Of Water x1, Impeye Nut x1
Wyrd Water       - Jar Of Water x1, Hagshrooms x2, Bug Ichor x2
Sewing Kit       - Reedy Twine x2, Skeeter Snoot x1
Humble Pie       - Roast Beast x1, Dough x1, Crowsfoot x2
Rainbow Roll     - Impeye Nut x2, Dough x1, Glitter Bomb x1
Moonlight Globe  - Shiny Stone x2, Totemic Moondrop x1, Glitter Bomb x1
Wicked Gemstone  - Campfire Embers x3, Shiny Stone x4, Dog Hair x1
Growth Potion    - Apothecary Humors x1, Magic Paste x1, Flower Petal x3
Potion of Blight - Toxic Thistle x3, Lazy Grass x3, Eye of Newt x1
Stuffed Birb     - Pigeonís Beak x1, Mimicís Toe x1, Blue Feather x2
Foggy Perfume    - Smoke Pellet x1, Witch Spice x2, Ghostly Ectoplasm x1
Alchemical Alloy - Fox Fur x1, Gold Coins x5, Puzzle Box x1
Silver Bullet    - Alchemical Alloy x1, Melting Pot x1, Moonlight Globe x1
Porcine Effigy   - Dough x1, Wickerwork x4, Haunted Mannequin x1
Lashmaster 2000  - Rat Tail x3, Skeeter Snoot x2, Pumpkinjack Bone x1
Magi-Sharp XL    - Turkey Gizzardstone x2, Cobblestones x5, Lucky Strop x1
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