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WWE 2K19 Cheats

WWE 2K19

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Unlocking Everything:
WWE 2K19 has many new unlockables when it comes to all of the superstars, arenas 
and championships. You can unlock them easily by using the Accelerator, as part 
of the WWE 2K19 Deluxe Edition, WWE 2K19 Season Pass, or as a separate WWE 2K19 
DLC, that is purchasable from the Playstation or Xbox Store, and is cheaply priced.
The use of the accelerator in WWE 2K19 will unlock everything, this includes all 
of WWE 2K19ís unlockable superstars, arenas, championships, as well as all of the
Daniel Bryan 2K Showcase mode unlockable.

If you do have accelerator pack, you will see Unlock everything button (square 
or X depending on your platform) / option on purchasables section.

Note: If you not seeing square or X. Go back to your download items and reinstall 
it. A simple restart of the game may work.

Tips and Tricks:
1. Be strategic with reversals
If youíre new to the WWE 2K series or havenít played in a while, itís important to 
know that reversals arenít unlimited. Each WWE Superstar can be allocated up to five 
reversal slots that regenerate over time, making strategy a crucial consideration. 
Reversals (particularly online) are generally best reserved for powerful grapples Ė 
if your opponent has a signature or finisher stored, make sure youíve got a reversal 
stored too.

2. Use the ring escape ability sparingly
Last year, ring escape allowed you to use the right stick to duck out of the ring 
in a tough situation. The same applies in WWE 2K19, but with one key downside Ė it 
now uses up a reversal slot. Ring escape still remains an incredibly useful way of 
getting a breather, but activate it at the wrong time, and you could leave yourself 
open to attack. So, when that indicator pops up on the screen, make sure you analyse 
the situation first. So, when that indicator pops up on the screen, make sure youíre 
equipped with at least two active reversal slots as a precaution.

3. Use Custom Match Tables in Universe mode
If youíre finding that matches arenít taking the form youíd like in Universe Mode, 
you can alter this via the new Custom Match Table feature. This forces the AI to 
prioritise certain match types over others, allowing you to make an all-hardcore 
promotion, for example. Youíll need to customise the likelihood of these matches 
occurring via a percentage system, and from then on, you should find your WWE 
Universe taking a more tailored shape.

4. Read the objectives list in Showcase Mode
Showcase Mode returns in WWE 2K19, allowing you to relive Daniel Bryanís storied 
career thus far. There are 12 matches to complete in all, and each of them requires 
you to carry out certain tasks in order to progress. For those who arenít so 
familiar with 2Kís WWE games, some of these challenges can prove confusing. 
Fortunately, the Objectives Checklist (located in the pause menu) offers detailed 
descriptions on how to complete them.

Locker codes:
Enter one of the following locker codes under the options to get the corresponding 
bonus. Note: Some codes may expire.

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