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WWE 2K18 Cheats

WWE 2K18

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

There is unlock everything option in WWE 2K18. While in the main menu, click on 
the store option. Then choose purchasables option. Now you can press Square 
Button for PS4 or X for Xbox One to unlock everything in game. Unlock everything 
option includes all superstars, alternate attires, arenas and championships.
Note: The ability to unlock everything is only available in the Deluxe Editions 
or greater and not in the base game.

Easy VC:
Start a normal match, select a heavyweight or super heavyweight, and wrestle a 
cruiserweight. This will make the match very easy and you will get specials/
finishers quickly. The more stars the match is worth, the more VC you will get.
After you easily defeat your opponent, select "Rematch", and repeat this as 
many times as desired to get quick and easy VC.

Start a custom game and set it to begin with the maximum number of finishers. 
Use a wrestler with a huge finishing move, like Triple H or Steve Austin. Set 
the match to Brawl so it will end as soon as you land your second finisher, 
giving you the win. This allows you to end a match within a few seconds of 
starting it and get a lot of VC. You can get approximately 25K VC per hour 
using this method.

Use a 100 overall CAW or Reigns (95) against Sawyer Fulton (69). Fight Sawyer 
Fulton backstage. The fewer reversals and more objects around to use the better,
as each object used will rank up your match and specials will come in rather 
quickly. However, be careful using them until you are ready to win the match 
since they usually cause a knockout quickly when fighting a wrestler with a 
low overall rating. 
Note: This also works well in a No Holds Barred match.

Create a 0 overall jobber. Then, go into game balancing and move the "Squash 
match" slider all the way right. Select Roman Reigns (due to his quick running 
signature and finisher) to easily and quickly defeat your opponent in the 4 
star match and get approximately 360 VC each time. 

You can easily win the match every 30 seconds or so. 
Repeat this as many times as desired.

Infinite VC Glitch:
Firstly you have to create a custom wrestler (overall at 0). When you finish 
just go to 1vs1? and use the most powerful wrestler you have. (example: Roman 

You can beat the custom wrestler with little efort. Each time it will give you 
4 stars and 200VC or more. Just keep fight him for more easy VC.
Note: This glitch was performed on an unpatched version of the game. 
It is likely to eventually get patched.
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