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World Seed Cheats

World Seed

Submitted by: David K.

How to Clarify Gearscore vs Item Tier:
Written by SCPantera

Or, cutting down the entire early game learning curve.

This is just a quick guide to clarify a few things that are pretty poorly 
explained that make the game much simpler to understand once you have a 
grasp of them, as well as some thoughts on putting everything together.

Fair warning: though Iíve spent some time doing a little research on these
basics, Iíve only played the free version for about an hour or so as of 
writing so if the basics go off in a different direction at higher level
thatís something youíll have to discover for yourself.

-=Gearscore vs Item Tier=-
Gearscore is an itemís base level that influences its stats, and those stats 
can increase rapidly as gearscore gets higher. Gearscore is probably the most
important thing to know about your items at a glance, which is unfortunate 
because the game does a really poor job of communicating it.

The numbers directly next to each piece of equipment is itís gearscore. 
You can also see it on the item tooltips.

Put simply: an itemís power is most influenced by gearscore first, and then 
modified marginally by item tier second. You can think of it as though the 
item level is something like 2.I or 3.IV or 6.VI, etc. Enemy power increases i
n a manner similar to gearscore versus item tier as ring # increases as well.

-=Increasing Gearscore=-
Gearscore correlates to loot dropped by ring. So the first ring you start in, 
1, drops gearscore 1 items, the next ring (2) drops gearscore 2 items and so on.

With this in mind, you can sort of simplify your goal in progressing: to inch 
your equipmentís item tier higher until you can safely defeat enemies in the 
next ring in order to begin collecting that ringís gearscore in loot. Once you
get a few items from the new ring, getting more items from that ring should 
get easier and then let you once again begin the process of increasing your 
itemsí tiers for that ring/gearscore.

Also keep in mind that disassembling gear of a higher gearscore increases 
the base crafted gear to that gearscore for everything in that equipment 
category (ie one-handed weapons, accessories, gloves, etc.), which makes 
those first pieces you get from each ring that much more important.

-=Item Tier Nuances=-
The gameís explanations for disassembling and item crafting with regards to 
item tier and gear score seem especially convoluted so letís try to straighten
that out:

* Basic crafting ingredients also have tiers! When crafting an item you can 
  use materials of a particular tier to make an item of that tier (so say 2 
  tier II iron and 1 tier II wood let you directly craft a tier II sword).
* Despite each tier taking up different inventory slots, crafting ingredient 
  tiers seem to transcend gearscore, so for example you can use tier II iron/
  wood/etc. gathered from ring 1 to craft a gearscore 3 tier II item.
* Despite what the gameís help messages seem to imply, disassembling a tier 
  II item does not give you a recipe to craft a tier II item, it simply gives
  you the base recipe (plus tier II ingredients). So, to get a disassembled 
  tier II item back you would need to recraft it using tier II materials. 
  This is instead referring to gearscore.
* As item tiers increase you gain access to additional item perks, which 
  incrementally boost the itemís stats (generally to a degree thatís much 
  less than a change in gearscore).

And of course, you can combine identical items of the same tier to create a 
copy of the next highest tier.
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