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World after War Cheats

World after War

Submitted by: David K.

How to Cheat:
Written by CrazyForgeStudio

Note: The latest version of the game is V0.65 and these cheats 
are working on the new version.

-=World after War Cheats Guide=-
Important: If you remove any line of code, or remove a <, or set a letter 
in the number value it will cause an error when the game tries to check the
saved files, and you will be unable to load any save, make a back up of you
saved files before trying to use this steps.

* You can change the number of resources that you have in the shelter.
1 - Collect resources in one of the warehouses.
2 - then return to shelter and deposit all stuff.
3 - get inside shelter, save and close the game.
4 - open the database.xml with a Wordpad.
5 - At the end of the text or using the search of the Wordpad check for 
    the iron plate, scrap plastic, scrap iron or any collect resources that 
    you have in the shelter.
6 - change the value of 6 the number inside to any value 
   like 9999, like this 9999
7 - Now you can easily upgrade/build any researched build.

* You can change the moral to a high number and never have a game over.
1  open the database.xml with a Wordpad.
2  Using the search of the Wordpad check for 
    Moral then, right below the 
    line 50 you can change the
    value of the 50 for any high value.

* You can change the Data to a high number and be able to do all the researches 
  on the game.
1  open the database.xml with a Wordpad.
2  Using the search of the Wordpad check for 500 then,
    you can change the value of the 500 for any high value, the value like 

Spawn a step van in your squad.
In "Database.xml"

If you have no vehicles in the squad the line of the code will be written like this:

Then you replace with this:

Step Van

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