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World of Final Fantasy Cheats

World of Final Fantasy

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Early Game Training Guide:
Written by Irony

Hello. Something I found last time when I played it on PS4, it still 
works but seems like they increased the odds of meeting Zapt / Fritt / 
Bablizz, so it'll be quite tough.

Make sure you have Copper Gnome and Moogle or Floating Eyes in your 
stacks and play normally until you cleared Saronia Harbor.

Train your Copper Gnome to level 10 then transfigure it to Mithril Giant 
and learn the ability Smash. The next thing you want to do is learn 
Flutter from either Moogle or Floating Eyes. 

Once you have gotten both that abilities, go to Nether Nebula, head on 
the map where you encountered Shiva/Ifrit/Ramuh, go bottom right and 
Smash the boulder, then Flutter across.

Start training there, don't be stingy and just use your potions. 
Everytime you clear one wave, you should be getting one level IF you're 
about level 15-16. Go back to the save crystal to regenerate then repeat.
Keep repeating until you reach level 20+, or whatever number that you 
feel comfortable.
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