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Witch Spring 4 Cheats

Witch Spring 4

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Training Guide:
Written by DQueenie13

Like the games before it, Witch Spring 4 features a Training system that Moccamori 
can use to grow stronger.

There are six exercises that Moccamori can train in. Each exercise raises certain 
stats, and raising the exercise level may unlock new skills.
Training efficiency has been added in WS4. Each training session lowers training 
efficiency, which lowers the amount of stats Moccamori can gain per session. 
Outside exploration will restore training efficiency.
Moccamori can gain bonus stats during training session. A higher training efficiency 
percentage yields a higher chance to gain bonus stats. It is also possible to gain 
no bonus stats.

Upon selecting an exercise, the above menu will appear, detailing which stats will 
be raised and how much they will be raised by (probably without factoring in bonus 
stats). On the bottom left is her current training efficiency, and on the bottom 
right is her current exercise level as well as the percentage to the next level.
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