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Windshift Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

General Tips:
Written by Niko

You donít have to use the Inn at all in the beginning as healing items 
are rather abundant, especially if you pick up every chest. Though later
it will be small change to use them in comparison to buying items.

Save up for the best Equipment you can get currently.

-=Area 1=-
The first map is rather self-explanatory and not particularly complicated 
or notable. If you are done with an area simply follow the road.

-=Area 2=-
When you are in the second area, before fighting the fish boss get to level 
10 first as you will get a lot of Magatama from it.
When you get to a point where it says you Ďhave to go to the village firstí 
you need to go around the other path. It took me quite a bit to figure that out.

-=Area 3=-
The third map has a sword icon in the lower left corner where you can farm 
quite nicely.

I recommend being at least Level 15 with decent defence equipment for both 
characters as Ohatsu uses multi-target attacks. Additionally you can get the 
Magatama you need to upgrade the second ring of the Husui-Plate fully. 
Sumire largely acts as your healer.

However the second fight with her is far more difficult, I recommend Level 
20, Sumire needs to know the group heal.

-=Area 4=-
In the fourth map you can find the casino to the North. Although it is called 
the casino the games arenít gambling games, but mini-games. However the memory 
game is broken. The best way to gain Bills is the arena.

You can get there either by boat or via the secret bridge you find after 
defeating Ohatsu for a third time.
The third fight is similar to the second, having some more of the Husui 
Plateís third ring unlocked would be good.

All the achievement related equipment can be acquired by different meant, 
I cannot recommend getting them through the casino on account of the sheer 
amount of grinding necessary in this already grindy game.

-=Area 5=-
Entering the mountain is where I had to stop due to a map not loading.

You can use Mirror Shards to go back to a previous map when you are locked 
in an area.

Use your Magatama when you get them! If you save and load the game again 
they will be gone. If you get into a battle they will also be erased.

Also once you unlock the next ring you can't access the last one anymore.

You can only unlock one side of the third ring.
Each Special has a set damage range that doesn't scale with your weapon damage.

F-kushiki: Single-target strong hit
F-kushiki-kai: Multi-target strong hit (stronger than F-kushiki)

F-renzokugiri: Single-target very strong hit.
F-iaigiri: Multi-target extremely powerful hit.
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