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Watch Dogs: Legion Cheats

Watch Dogs: Legion

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Easy "Death From Above" achievement:
People with the "Drone Expert" job have the "Dive Bomb" skill. The easiest 
method is to turn the "Lambeth" borough defiant (complete the three red 
borough activities). It will always give you a recruit with the Dive Bomb 
skill. Select the Dive Bomb skill from the item wheel, and press RB (Xbox 
controller) to use it against enemies of the Albion faction. 
Either go to a restricted (red) area that has Albion enemies, or simply 
start a police chase and defeat the policemen with it.

Infinite money:
Find a recruit with the "Signing Bonus" perk. If you do not have one 
already, find and recruit them to get 300 ETO. Use the Team menu, and 
select the recruit with the "Signing Bonus" perk. Go to their location
and retire them. To retire an operative, open the Team menu, edit them,
and choose to retire them. While they are still nearby, select and re-
recruit them for another 300 ETO. Then, retire them again. Repeat this 
process as many times as desired for an unlimited amount of money. 
You can farm approximately 6,000 ETO per minute if you are quick enough 
by simply learning which buttons to press, and to press them as quick as 

Recruiting hostile operatives:
To recruit operatives that are your enemies, or in rival factions, unlock 
the Deep Profiling tech upgrade for 20 tech. It allows you to complete 
special missions to recruit hostile recruits. It is an expensive upgrade, 
but it allows you to tag police or other hard-to-recruit characters. 
You will unlock a special mission to recruit the desired operative, but 
if you do not complete it successfully, your target will permanently hate 
DedSec. Thus, you will have to try someone else.

Retiring undesired operatives:
Eventually, you will gain more operatives than you need - or you can 
get operatives that waste your ETO. To remove an operative, open the 
Operatives menu, then select the operative you want to retire. In the 
lower-right corner, you will see an option to retire them. Retiring an 
operative will remove them from your playable roster.

Avoid getting kidnapped:
Your operatives can get kidnapped randomly when you are not using them. 
This usually happens if DedSec is extremely hated by different factions. 
When a kidnapping occurs, a special mission will be unlocked to rescue 
the lost operative. To lower your chances of kidnapping, use non-lethal 
shock weapons and takedowns. Or do not injure anyone during missions, 
which is very possible. Kidnappings against DedSec occur due to faction 
hatred, and faction hatred is caused by killing/injuring members of the 
faction. Non-lethal takedowns generate much less hate against your 
faction, especially compared to killing with guns. If you go on a 
shooting spree, expect some retaliation.
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