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Wartales Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Gameplay Tips:
Written by Grail_Mike

As quite some people are having trouble to not lose people
you can do the following to gain happiness:
- Buy alcohol at the tavern and “feed” it during rests with the 
  fireplace (one is enough for the bonus of +1)
- Feed your people with food (+2, alcohol counts as 1 food)
- Pay them
- Sit them next to the fireplace (up to 4 people each +1)
- get crew members with the skill stoic – they won´t count
- get 2 Skills from Knowledge-tree (Camadarie +1 and Community +1)

How to Make Money:
Written by Valhallarian

Money makes the world go around and so it does in Wartales, too.

You need it for:
* Repairing your equipment (don’t try to fight completely damaged).
* Healing your party (injuries come with a lot of disadvantages and make 
  fight hard to impossible).
* Pay wages and keep the party from leaving.

So, how to get money? If you haven’t figured out how to win all the fights – 
which is fairly hard at first – fighting and selling loot does not really cut it. 
But there’s an intriguing steady way of income: prisoners!

East of the first city, there’s a prison. Buy 2-3 shackles there. In a fight, 
you need one of your units to engage an enemy and damage his health until below 
50%. Another unit can approach and then capture the enemy (new ability appeas
 then). After the fight, go to the prison, turn in each prisoner for 100 Krowns, 
up to 3 prisoners every 24 hours. Like that I went from bankrupcy to 3600 Krowns,
 could upgrade my gear and enlarge my party so now I’m gaining money with a 
mix of quests and prisoners.
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