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Wartales Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Gameplay Tips:
Written by Grail_Mike

As quite some people are having trouble to not lose people
you can do the following to gain happiness:
* Buy alcohol at the tavern and “feed” it during rests with the 
  fireplace (one is enough for the bonus of +1)
* Feed your people with food (+2, alcohol counts as 1 food)
* Pay them
* Sit them next to the fireplace (up to 4 people each +1)
* get crew members with the skill stoic – they won´t count
* get 2 Skills from Knowledge-tree (Camadarie +1 and Community +1)

How to Make Money:
Written by Valhallarian

Money makes the world go around and so it does in Wartales, too.

You need it for:
* Repairing your equipment (don’t try to fight completely damaged).
* Healing your party (injuries come with a lot of disadvantages and make 
  fight hard to impossible).
* Pay wages and keep the party from leaving.

So, how to get money? If you haven’t figured out how to win all the fights – 
which is fairly hard at first – fighting and selling loot does not really cut it. 
But there’s an intriguing steady way of income: prisoners!

East of the first city, there’s a prison. Buy 2-3 shackles there. In a fight, 
you need one of your units to engage an enemy and damage his health until below 
50%. Another unit can approach and then capture the enemy (new ability appeas
 then). After the fight, go to the prison, turn in each prisoner for 100 Krowns, 
up to 3 prisoners every 24 hours. Like that I went from bankrupcy to 3600 Krowns,
 could upgrade my gear and enlarge my party so now I’m gaining money with a 
mix of quests and prisoners.

A Short Savescum Guide:
Written by Romain

You like it or not. Savescum, particularly in this game, is a good way to 
learn more about it.

-=Rule of Thumbs
* Once something is displayed on the screen. 
* It is “locked” (you won’t be able to change it in the future) but it is not saved.
* Find the face you want in Inns
* Game is saved everytime you enter in town

* Click on the Inn.
* If you don’t like the style of a charater in the Inn just reload the autosave.
* This won’t change traits, it will only change faces.

Since community updates #2 traits are going to change depending on the weapon 
(1H > one trait, 2H weapon > an other traits: but both are coming back after few reloads).

Find anything you want in bandit chest (belt items/back pack item)

* Save before opening the chest.
* Lockpicked it, click on it, or use the key.
* You don’t like what you have? Reload.
* Find anything you want in merchants caravan

* Save before the first encounter with this caravan.
* Talk to the merchant.
* You don’t like it? Reload and talk again.
* Craft a 3 stars equipment

* Save before crafting.
* Craft.
* Reload if you don’t have 3 stars.
* Always get a 2 stars equipment as loot after battle

* Equipement loot doesn’t change if you reload the last turn of the fight.
* But the quality of it (0,1 or 2 stars) changes.
* So reload until the equipment you want has 2 stars.
* Get the attributes points you want for your mercs

Before clicking on the yellow arrow save the game

* Click on it.
* Don’t like?
* Reload.
* You like it? Wait stop save now before clicking on it and proceed like that for every point.
* You made a bad move in battle

Game is saved at the end of a character turn.

* Reload (used as an Undo button).
* Note: Only works with Ironmen Mode
* Never be attacked during sleep in camp

* Save before sleep in camp.
* Reload if your attacked and you don’t want to (this one is really cheating for me).
* Infinite amount of outgrowths (never tried but no reason it doesn’t work)

There’s an item allowing you to get back some ressources in alchemy. 
I’m pretty sure you can have an infinite amount of outgrowths with save scum.

Another cheese mechanic

Pause the game right when the guards talk to you if you can’t flee. They are going to 
leave without going through your stuffs (Careful with the pause buttom, it can break a
quest if used at some specific moment).

Happiness Guide:
Written by Grail_Mike

As quite some people are having trouble to not loose members, here´s my collection 
of stuff I learned while playing the game.

With the last patch there was some heavy changes, as how your members unhappiness 
is calculated – the information who to gain happiness in this guide should still be true.

-=You can do the following to gain happiness=-
* Buy alcohol at the tavern and “feed” it during rests with the fireplace 
  (one is enough for the bonus of +1) (be warned, by doing this to often, the 
  can get the trait, alcohlic, and need booze every rest)
* Feed your people with food (+2, alcohol counts as 1 food)
* Pay them
* Sit them next to the fireplace (up to 4 people each +1)
* Get crew members with the skill stoic – they won´t count
* Get 2 Skills from Knowledge-tree (Camadarie +1 and Community +1)
* start as farmers, then you can take a bonus for rest in forests (+2)
* What you can do to earn/save coins
* Visit the prison of Tiltren (south east at the lake) and buy ropes and shakles. 
  Use them to get free crewmembers (wolfs or boars, but they need food, but no coins) 
  or arrest deserters or footpads once they are nearly beaten down with an attack from
  behind and sell them to the Tiltren prison buy stuff when it has a green glow 
  (you save at least one coin per item), but like in real life, only buy stuff you need.
* Sell loot.
* Buy pottery and sell it to merchants/traders/caravans (or to questgivers) outside of 
  the town (most times you will get some coins per trade good – 5coins per item – 
  items show the price bought)

Plays like Senso – wait for a Spot to light up, wait till it gets a golden circle 
and hit (get´s more difficult for better gear, gets easier when you level up)

Try to hit a circle when shown and just press/release mouse button to keep the moving 
line inside the not red area

Select a ore deposit and move your mouse to the circle – wait with the click till the 
moving circle is within the gray circle and turns green. Once you level up you can mine 
gems, too if you´re lucky and hit the green circles.

-=Fight against plague rats=-
Having a hard time?

Just kill the big rat. All other will flee once this one is killed.

Tips to Find Passcode in the Tiltren Tomb:
This short guide contain advice that will help you to get the code in the Tiltren tomb.

-=How to Find Passcode in the Tiltren Tomb=-
* Can’t see any way to determine the passcode for entering the (presumably final) room? 
  There are hints on the walls at different rooms. Sometimes hints are on the ground as 

* Each tomb has 3 symbols hidden somewhere, each symbol has a color.

* Then notice the spinning lock on the door has a color on each cylinder.

* Just add the symbol of the matching color in there and it’ll open.

* Some are on the floor, some on the walls, and some are hidden behind objects so 
  make sure you move the camera around a bit to check behind things.
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