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Warriors All-Stars Cheats

Warriors All-Stars

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Unlock all available characters & Requirements:
Written by Nightman

So to unlock all available characters in this game you have to complete some 
specific missions and side-objectives. I won’t get into how everything works 
in this game, this is a guide for those who just want to have all playable 
characters available as fast as possible. Keep in mind that there’s an extra 
character called Opoona who’s not unlocked by this route, if you want to know 
how to unlock him, google it.

Here’s the quickest route I could find to unlock all characters. Before you 
unlock all of them, try to limit yourself to completing only the missions 
listed below, so you don’t risk messing up the timeline. You don’t need to do 
the extra character missions, all characters will be unlocked once you complete 
this route.
1.Start a new game and pick Kasumi.
2.Complete the “A Struggle for the Throne” mission.
3.As soon as the character missions for Laegrinna, Nobunyaga and Arnice are 
  available, complete them to unlock these charaters. 
  (Arnice mission might show up a little later).
4.Complete the “Untold Intentions” mission.
5.At this point, you should have Arnice, Nobunyaga and Laegrinna unlocked. 
  The missions “One who knows the Truth” and “Bonds of Friendship” will 
  show up in the map.
6.Complete “One who knows the Truth” BEFORE doing “Bonds of Friendship”.
7.After completing “One who knows the Truth” you need to complete “Bonds of 
  Friendship”. In this mission, you have two side-objectives that you need to 
  complete in order to unlock all characters. You have to rescue Setsuna in 
  this mission, do the mission normally and at some point Ayane and another 
  hero will spawn and you’ll get a message for the side-objective saying “Don’t 
  let Ayane get to Setsuna” or something like that. You NEED to defeat Ayane 
  and the other hero before they reach Setsuna, if they get to him you will 
  fail the objective and won’t be able to unlock all characters. After defeating
  Ayane and the other hero, you just need to babysit Setsuna until you get another
  notification for the side-objective “Don’t let Hajime Arima reach Setsuna” or 
  something. Once again, you NEED to defeat Hajime Arima before he reaches Setsuna,
  if he gets to him you will fail. After defeating Hajime Arima, Hayabusa will 
  spawn at the end of the level, just defeat him and finish the mission (ignore 
  Shiki, just focus on defeating Hayabusa and keeping Setsuna alive).
8.Done! After completing these requirements you will get a couple of cutscenes 
  and all playable characters will be available (except for Opoona).
Save your game and enjoy!
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