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War Selection Cheats

War Selection

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Economic Path Guide
Written by Elobomg

In this guide i will teach you the fundamental in economic gameplay. 
How to win via technology imposing or wonder.

-=Stone Age=-
Not to much to say, just focus on producing 50 workers. You should click 
on your altar, right click on a tree and click to produce 50 workers. also
every minute or so, move one of the workers taking wood to start taking 
berries. While doing all of this you must take a worker to produce houses,
so you don't get capped by max population. When you reach 38-42 workers 
start to build the TownHall (TH). After is build, continue with everything.
Also start changing to next age. Don't worry to be the last to do so, your 
economy is grown as hell.

-=Metal Age=-
You have just reach metal age. Take all your food workers and upgrade them. 
After that build a crop and put a few birds so you get food easily. Slowly 
make a few warehouses near the forest and next to a metal spot. Star upgrading
you max population, also ugprade your houses, which will give you more 
population per house. Make a few barracks and archery camps. Make more workers,
15 for metal, 10 for wood/stone. Have around 10 towers in your base, next to 
your TH and workers, also put a few towers outside of it. Get map reveal upgrade.

After this you should enter in next era, so you can get upgrades and all of 
that. Don't waste population on units

-=Medieval Age=-
Congrats! You have just reach the Medieval age, now you should have 3-5 
barracks and 2-3 archery post. Optionally you can get cavalry to send an 
rush behind their base, in a sneaky form.

By this time you should upgrade everything and also investigate the cap 
upgrade (125 should be). Also is very important the spionage upgrade so 
you know where your enemies are. so, getting 10 new workers for food, 7 
for stone/wood and 8 for iron should be good right now. Reserver the rest
25 for any posible attack enemy could land on you. Also I will consider 
building a few more towers while you are going to industrial, you know 
in case of.

-=Industrial Age=-
So, here we are, at late game. Personally I would just spam Mortars and 
machineguns (3 mortars per each machinegun) and produce 5 tractors (each 
one is like 5 workers, so you would have 25 workers for 15 population, 
and put some of the food's workers into wood/stone if you need it.

So, you should take your army and blow their base up.
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