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Wanderland Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Successfully complete the listed task to unlock the corresponding achievement. 
To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile",
"View all my games", then the game and view stats.

Achievement          How to unlock
By Might and Magic - Drive away 20 enemies.
Chosen by Spirits  - Harvest 1000 gold from the golden idol.
Chosen Warrior     - Harvest 50 trophies from the hammerer.
Collector          - Complete 2 collections.
Explorer           - Explore 15 HOS.
Generous           - Give away 5 gifts.
Gremlin Bane       - Drive away 5 gremlins.
Hand of God        - Use the Hand of God 5 times while exploring HOS.
Hungry One         - Use 3 energizers.
Ogre Hunter        - Drive away 5 ogres.
Old Bones          - Drive away 5 skeletons.
Olympic Competitor - Participate in 5 tournaments.
Owl Sight          - Complete 20 HOS in night mode.
Purifier of Lands  - Banish curses 10 times.
Quest Solver       - Complete 5 quests.
Smoke Dissolver    - Complete 5 HOS with smoke curse.
Swamp Hordes       - Drive away 5 turgs.
Traveller          - Harvest 50 items from the shelter.
Treasure Seeker    - Find 5 treasure chests.
Tutankhamun Curse  - Drive away 5 mummies.
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