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UnnyWorld Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Gameplay Tips:
Written by Praesmeodymium

What to do on maps. Simple gameplay tactics, a description of the 
goals in the current levels.

-=Basic Tactics and Goals on the First Three Maps=-
Control points. in 2/3 maps you vie for control, of a space. 
The more of your side is in the space the faster control shifts in a 
very linear fashion. 2 bad guys 3 good guys means you gain control 
at +1 speed. 3 good guys alone you gain at +3 speed.

-=Bang Bang Arena=-
This is the first map you play on and has 2 bases on opposite sides. 
Each side has a main tower defended by 2 secondary towers with some 
control points in between each teams zone. The goal is to destroy the 
enemies main tower before they destroy yours. The control points spawn
little critters that do a reasonable amount of damage, and provide a 
target for the tower defense to pay attention to while you attack the 

The simplest way to win is to control the spawn points and keep them 
fully owned (all 5 blue lights). slightly more advanced is to use the
cover of the seigelings to attack the tower while defending your control

-=Rocket Arena:
This is the second map, and has 2 carts with rockets on them heading 
to launch pads at the north and south portions of the map. 
This map becomes a little more about timing. Each rocket does 10k dmg 
to a statue, if you control both rockets when they launch thats a 20k 
dmg round.

Your Statue starts with 55k health so there should never be more than 5 
launches in a game. When you are not otherwise busy throw a little dmg 
at the enemy statue till you have done more than 5k to it. Basically 
hold onto a cart, gang up on enemies in 2v1 and 3v1 matches try to 
time the carts to get ahead by 1 round then hold 1 side the rest of 
the match. it takes a little feel not to kill all the enemy off at 
the wrong time, stay healed, be able to stall, dmg their statue, 
defend yours etc.

-=Turtle Time:
This is the 3rd map you open, it is capture the flag with mobile bases.
Take the flag from their turtle to yours. Once you pick up the flag you
are extra slow, and everyone is trying to kill you... so be ready. 
To return a flag to base kill the flag carrier, and then touch the 
dropped flag.

If they have your flag you have 2 jobs, steal theirs so they cant 
capture, kill their flag holder so you can capture.
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