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Undertale Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Proceed with caution and always make backups before modifying system files. You can 
access a hidden Debug Mode in Undertale, but you'll need to follow the directions 
precisely to avoid creating issues. Using a hex editor, open the "data.win" file 
in your Undertale folder. Searching and going to the following offset: 000725B24
Look for the numeric value of 00, located in the 4th row of the offset's line. 
Change that value from 00 to 01 and save your changes. Now that you have access,
start playing the game.

You can use the following keys or key combinations for the corresponding effects:

Key         Effect
PAGE UP   - Increase Steps by 100
PAGE DOWN - Set attacks equal to 999
5         - Increase battle group
INS       - Next room
DEL       - Previous room
S         - Save
L         - Load
0/1/2/3/4 - Choose save file
F+6       - Travel to room_fire2 (138)
W+6       - Travel to room_water1 (82)
T+6       - Travel to room_tundra1 (44)
E+6       - Travel to room_castle_front (219)
R+6       - Travel to room_ruins2 (7)
Y+6       - Travel to room_truelab_elevator (244)
G         - Box
G         - Gain 5000 gold (while in a shop)
O         - Take out panel
I         - Put away panel
M         - Increase murder level
P         - Toggle room speeds
F         - Set room speed to fast
U         - Enable Undyne calls
F3        - Creates file system_information_962
F7        - Gain 500 gold
F9        - Stop sound
F10       - Phase through walls
F11       - Travel to room_water1 (82)
F12       - Restart room
V         - Collision boxes visible 
BACKSPACE - Fast walk speed
END       - Play current "monster tale" event, as dictated by plot
HOME      - Battle current group (default is 140)
DELETE    - Set HP to 999 (while in battle)
1         - Slow down (while in battle)
2         - Speed down (while in battle)
8         - Decrease turn timer (while in battle)
9         - Increase turn timer (while in battle)
F6        - Set mercy to 0 and attack to 999 (while in battle)
O+P       - Set mercy to 9999 (while in battle)

Hard Mode:
To activate hard mode, enter "Frisk" as your starting name. You'll get a warning
that this will "make your life hell"; confirm to begin playing hard mode. The 
changes include not being able to flee on the first turn of battles, toughened 
and new enemies, and only being able to hold three pieces of candy, among other 

Developers' Room:
In Snowdin, there is a large door that normally doesn't open for you, To open it, 
complete the credits without touching a single name, and beyond you'll find the 
developers' room.

Secret character:
Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the 
file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "undertale.ini" file. Find 
the "fun" variable, then change its name to Fun (case-sensitive) and change its 
value to anything else. You will now find new locations and NPCs related to a 
new character named "W.D. Gaster".

Easter Egg Passwords:
Enter any of these names for your character and you'll receive some extra, hidden 
dialogue. Note that most of these names won't be able to be entered as your proper
name and thus will only unlock dialogue, unless otherwise noted.

Password                       Effect
Asriel                       - "..."
Catty [can use as own name]  - "Bratty! Bratty! That's MY name!"
Alphys                       - "D-don't do thatZ	
Undyne                       - "Get your OWN name!"
Temmie [can use as own name] - "hOI!"
Flowey                       - "I already CHOSE that name"
Toriel                       - "I think you should chose your own name my child"
Bratty [can use as own name] -"Like, OK I guess"
Sans                         - "nope"
Murder [can use as own name] - "That's a little on- the-nose, isn't it...?"
Mercy [can use as own name]  - "That's a little on- the-nose, isn't it...?"
Chara [can use as own name]  - "The true name"
Asgore                       - "You cannot"
Gaster                       - (Reloads intro sequence)

Boost Mettaton EX's Ratings:
During the final fight with Mettaton EX, if you have certain fashionable items, such
as the Stained Apron or the Cloudy Eyeglasses, your ratings by default are boosted. 
Furthermore, certain items being used, such as the Glamburger, will boost ratings. 
This will make it easier to end the fight sooner.

Easily Defeat Muffet:
To defeat Muffet in a single turn, you can use one of the Spider Bakery items - the 
Spider Donut and Spider Cider - you can buy significantly earlier in the game. Use 
one during the fight and it'll end immediately.

Weaken Asgore:
If you save the pie given to you by Toriel from the beginning of the game, and use it
during the final battle versus Asgore, you will weaken his attacks noticeably; being 
relatively hard to dodge, this makes the battle significantly easier.
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