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Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2 Cheats

Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Crash Fixes, and Battle Performance:
Hello everyone, we wanted to throw some advice out there for you 
first you time generals. This is an early access build, and some 
may experience performance issues, or crashes.

* The maps in this game are huge. 
* Be careful how far you place your armies. 
* "Battle initialization" will take longer when armies are farther apart 
  (And larger). 
* The other thing to consider is how long it will take for the armies to 
  reach eachother(Largest maps can take a half hour of running)
* Another note on map sizes. 
* We recommend keeping the setting for "map boundaries local to armies", 
  especially for the larger maps such as Desert Dunes 
  (This map at max size can cause crashes on some GPUs).
* Devs created a "performance warning" based on hardware. 
* Keep in mind the warning isn’t always completely accurate, but you 
  should still heed the warning as it will let you know how the battle 
  will perform.
* If your GPU has low memory, you can save memory with 2 major settings. 
  1.Turn RTS off in the battle editor 
    (This will disable RTS mode which saves memory). 
  2.Try lowering bone animations setting in graphics settings.
* Team count also affects performance. 
* More teams, means more pathfinding, so if you can have just 2 teams, 
  performance will favor this.

-=Still Getting Crashes?=-
We’ve noticed that this is primarily an Nvidia issue where the driver fails 
to initialize a battle if it is very spread out in a large map or other 

There is a registry setting that can prevent this from happening if you are 
comfortable with modifying your registry:

Open your Registry Editor: Type "regedit" in the search bar and open the editor. 

Navigate to:


In the right-side area, right-click, New, "DWORD (32-bit) Value" and name it 
Then open it and give it a value of 8 to 10 as Hexacecimal value. 
The restart your computer and please try again to see if this has fixed the 
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