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Ultimate Fishing Simulator Cheats

Ultimate Fishing Simulator

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Fishing the Starter Lake with Lures:
Written by Jackda3214

This guide will take you through the steps to catch fish on the starter 
lake using lures.

This guide is for New players who may be having issues catching fish 
using lures. This guide is also subject to change due to the fact the 
game has just been released. 

Being a new player you will only have access to the first starting Rod, 
Reel, lure etc. Fear not though this is all you need to start catching fish! 

-=Step #1=-
Equip your lure! 

-=Step #2=-
Hold your left mouse button down untill the red bar at the bottom of the 
screen fills up all the way. Release it when it hits the full mark. Wow that 
was a long cast right? Let your lure drop all the way down until it hits 
the bottom of the lake. TIP Hit C key to get a nifty view of your lure.

-=Step #3=-
Set your Drag (Middle mouse button) to zero. Set your Reeling speed at 2-3 
notches (this will change so try them all).

-=Step #4v
Hold your rod at a 45 degree angle. Start reeling in (You can watch your 
lure swim through the water by hitting the C key. Gives you a great idea how 
many fish are arround and if they even seem interested in your lure. 
IF you see one following it try pausing or even lowering your reel speed by 
one notch).

-=Step #5: First Strike=- 
WOW That is a big fish! How are we going to get that baby into our net? As 
soon as you see the fish strike your lure hit your Right Mouse button. This 
has the effect of jerking the pole tip up setting the hook. NOTE. Do not 
hold it for long!!! You run the risk of breaking the line. Quickly use your 
(MIDDLE Mouse wheel) to raise your Reel's Drag to 5. Do NOT go above 5.
 Do not reel in untill you see that the fish has stopped pulling line out. 

-=Step #6=-
Pump your rod up using the right mouse button. When you let go of that hit 
your left mouse button and reel in a little bit. This will take time.. 
But eventualy you will land your big fish! 

Note. If you see your Tension bar at the bottom of the screen Flash red. 
Quickly lower your rod from 45 degrees to 90 degrees. This will lesson the 
tension and prevent you from snapping the line. You can also always use 
your middle mouse wheel to roll your drag back to 0 for a quick release also. 

-=Step #7=-
Congrats! You caught a fish! Take a screenshot of it and share! 

Note. You will notice i was not using the starter gear for the screenshots. 
At the current state of the game this is almost meaningless. 
Due to bugs/etc/?? a 1lb fish on 20lb line fights just like a 10lb fish. 
No real difference. Can break the line just as easily. 
This though is something the Devs are working on! So YAY!
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