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Trance Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Guide to all puzzles:
Written by Kaizer

Guide on how to complete all puzzles in trance
-=Puzzle number 1: The happy birthday=-
This one is easy to understand but almost impossible to complete unless 
you have a minimal talent for music, since I dont, and im aware most people 
dont either i will just post the answer: DDEDGF.
(This would be easy to perform if you had the option to just listen to your 
composition, allowing you to compare with the default but, sadly there is 
no way to hear your input)

-=Puzzle number 2: the 444=-
This one is simple but very hard to complete without any explanation, you 
have 3 columns with lights and an horizontal bar at the top, this horizontal
bar acts like an storage, being able to store up to 4 lights in it.
In order to solve it you have to distribute the lights so you have exactly 
4 on each column. to do so you have to use the arrows located at the side of 
each column, the UP arrow transfers up to 4 lights on the selected column to 
the storage (if you have less than 4 they will be uploaded but if you have 
MORE than 4 of them, only 4 will be uploaded to the storage, leaving the 
excess in the tube). The down arrow just withdraws the lights from the 
storage on the column you selected.
I dont have an exact sequence for this, once you know what you are supposed
to do , its fairly easy.

-=Puzzle number 3: The 333=-
Once again , you have 3 columns with lights and a spinning thing at the far 
right side, if you spam the interact button on the columns you rise their 
lights up to 5 but they deplete over time, in order to open the door you 
need to interact with the spining thing when all 3 columns have 3 lights on, 
I dont have an exact solution but the easiest way to do it is to spam the 
interact button on all 3 columns from right to left, then , since the right 
one will have depleted you have to interact with it a couple more times then 
run to the spinning thing, once all 3 of them have depleted to have 3 lights 
on them, just interact with the spinning thing to open the door
-=Puzzle number 4: The hearts=-
This one is easy to understand but it may be hard to perform. You have 9 
screens placed in a square formation, each one of them changes their symbol 
and every symbol surrounding it when interacted with, the quick way to 
complete it is:
1.Interact twice with the center screen or untill the hearts make a cross 
  on the square.
2.Interact twice with every single corner.
3.After doing so, every screen should show a heart and the door will open.
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