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Total Tank Simulator Cheats

Total Tank Simulator

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Defeat Spawners (Step-by-Step):
Written by c.bundy99

* Place artillery (I used heavy/fire but most artillery besides smoke should work. 
haven't tried rockets yet.) near the back of the spawn zone, if possible in a 
clearing. If there isn't enough room place structures like bunkers. They delete 
trees surrounding them.

* Take control of one of the artillery units via ctrl then press M for the 
artillery map. This makes using the gun and finding enemy units a lot easier.

* Locate the VIP buildings/spawners from your current position. The Spawners 
don't show up on the map, however, there is 'usually' an AA gun next to it that
will appear on the map. From there on it should be easier to pin point where 
you need to aim.

* Open fire! You might run out of ammo before destroying the spawner. 
If so just switch to the next artillery and repeat said steps.

How to Fix Crash on the Loading Screen:
Written by not necessary

This guide will help you to fix crash on the loading screen.

What will be happened after you follow the tips:

* You'll be able to load into the map.
* It will sacrifice some of your HDD/SSD empty spaces.
* Lower your FPS a bit.

Note: This guide is only for Windows user.

-=How to Do It (Step-by-Step)=-
The quick answer is.... increasing your page files.

In order to increase it, you have to follow all these things below.

* Right click the "This PC" app on your desktop 
  (if it isn't on the desktop, open file explorer and right click "This PC").
* Click "advanced system settings".
* Click settings below the "performance".
* In performance options, click advanced.
* Click "change" below the "virtual memory".
* Click the C: partition (or whatever your main partition is. 
  it's the place where the OS is stored).
* Click the circle beside "custom size".
* Make the initial size 1407. and 8 GB for the max.
* Click ok. and click apply.
* If it told you to restart the PC, restart it.
* Now, you should be able to load into the map!
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