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Timberman Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

The total number of wood chunks you cut corresponds to the points that 
you earn. Costumes are unlocked by reaching certain high score on a 
level, getting a certain total number of chunks, or reaching a specific
score several times. For example, the Lazy Bird costume is awarded by 
scoring 700 points three consecutive times. The President Barrack Obama
costume is awarded after reaching 550 points three times.

Establish a consistent rhythm to allow you to look ahead and not get 
caught off guard be tree branches. The faster and the more consistently
you tap, the more time will remain on the. However, the timer will begin
start dropping faster as you earn more points on level. 

Avoid the branches by keeping track of the ones that may kill you. If 
there are no visible branches in your column, keep chopping as fast as
possible until this changes. If you are about to change columns, try to
learn how many openings you have before you must switch back.

Easy "Slowbro" achievement:
Maintain a steady pace to keep your energy meter at about only 25% full 
for the entire time from 0 to 200. Going very fast and then very slow 
will fail, as your energy will deplete too much for you to continue.

Easy "Steamer" achievement:
Unlock four of the following characters. 

* Tim Bear: Play multiplayer once.
* Bruce Tree: Win five rounds in a row. Note: This is done easier with 
  the help of a friend.
* Lucha Timbre: Defeat five opponents in a row. Note: This is done  
  easier with the help of a friend. 
* Timb-nerd: Play the game for 11 hours. Note: You cannot remain in a 
  menu, however you can remain idle during game play in single player 
  mode. You can also enlist the help of a friend and idle during two 
  player vs. mode.
* Gaben: Score 2,000 points or chop 999,999 wood total in single player 

Easy "War in Heaven" achievement:
Set up a two player multi-player match with one player as an Angel 
and the other as a Treedevil. Note: To earn Treedevil play in two or 
four player multi-player mode. Have your bar down to the last small 
amount, then win the round by outpacing your opponent.
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