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The White Door Cheats

The White Door

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Written by e-thot delux.

-=DAY 1=-
* When it’s time for memory training, pick “maybe” as an answer.
* When you see red poster on your left, click it til it lights up everytime 
  you see it.

-=DAY 2=-
* Look outside, you see a man, that soon walks away. After breakfast, check 
  window again.
* As you are near the keypad, enter code 3982, and then walk left.

-=DAY 3=-
* Follow the worm around the room. Finally go to the plant and click on the moth.
* After 3 cars have passed, Stop the fourth one with “The White Door” sign on top. 
  After Black figure have got out of it, play along, and star should appear.

-=DAY 4=-
* Turn alarm on the third time, instead of going to the doctor – walk back to 
  recreation box. The blueprints now has red marks.
  Walk to those marks and you’ll get letters for profile “O.”
* When you see a coaster in the left corner, click it any time it is on screen.

-=DAY 5=-
* When you Finish piecing Laura’s portrait, walk over to the doors and slide that 
  part to the left – Code is right there.
* As you are driving, click on the police car till it follows. Then as you are 
  inside the club – click on Police Officer then Deer. 
  Near the DJ click the police officer again. After that, play along till you 
  reach end.

-=DAY 6=-
* After talking with Masked person, order egg. Then finish memory challenge, 
  walk over to egg and open it.
* Crow will get out of it, click until it flies out, and walk to the window. 
  click on the crow again, click on all the stars till they disappear and lastly, 
  click on the moon.
* Press crows all around, as you are inside White Door Facility and it’s turning 
  lights, one by one, second door will have star on it.
-=DAY 7=-
* As you’re coloring everything – walk over to drawer where your ID Is, and click 
  on the photo.
* When you’re strolling – Click on every tree to shake it, then play along.

* Once you have finished the game, you are able to play “Sarah”. 
  Finish the level to get “The Alternative”.
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